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Rotation tool non-responsive.

The spinner on the left of the screen stopped functioning.  I am using Win 10 and usually use Firefox but the problem also occurs with Edge.  I have rebooted/restarted several times with no response.

My mouse is otherwise functional everywhere else, but the pointer does not change to a finger when over the spinner region.
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  • Hi Don

    Sorry for the late reply! I've investigated this on our end but I'm unable to replicate it. Do you still experience this problem, and if so, are there any specific maps where this problem occurs?

  • I apologize for the even slower response.  The problem occurs with all maps.  I just tried World, U.S. and E.U. maps.  I also experienced the problem when I tried it on my son's Chromebook.  It makes the game so cumbersome that I no longer play it but, even more off-putting is the invitation to "upgrade" that appears after each round.  How many times does Google have to be told NO!
    Don Jordan
  • Was a great game, now it's rubbish and unplayable. Compass rotation tool simply doesn't work.
  • Hi

    @Don: When reading you post one more time I think I understood what you meant. You want to be able to click on the compass to rotate the view to that direction, correct? Unfortunately this isn't a feature that we've added, but reading your post it sounds very obvious that we should!

    @Jim: Sorry to hear that, what problem are you experiencing with the compass rotation?

  • Was always a feature - even now it sometimes works 'tho not often.
    Peter Wiard
  • Since they now ask you to upgrade to "premium" after each round, I no longer bother at all.  I think it's fine for them to try to get some income from their product, but their persistence goes beyond annoying.  I have come to despise all things Google:  I use Bing for searches & switched to an iPhone.  
    Don Jordan
  • Clicking on the compass to rotate the view used to work just fine and it was more controllable.  It seems to have been disabled in some iteration.
    Don Jordan

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