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Ridiculous scores


I have been a member of your great site/game for a couple of years, and I regularly take part in the daily challenge. Just 1 question, how are the people who clearly cheat not flagged and banned? It's impossible to win the badge if lots of people cheat daily and ruin the scores. Today for example, the leader got a perfect score and each guess was exactly 0m from the location. Todays game admittedly wasn't the hardest, but come on, it's blantantly obvious.

Do you have any way of blocking cheats, removing their scores or generally having a way to remove them from playing? It's not in the spirit of the game to just win daily by cheating.
Kyle Browne


  • Hi Kyle
    Making a perfect score is not that hard. I've only been play a couple weeks and have several perfects.
    0 meters! Yup, that is cheating.
    Kim Hanson
  • Sadly it is impossible to prevent cheating. Yes, some cheaters using scripts to guess 0m all the time can be easily detected and removed (the game actually has something to remove those cheaters). But most cheaters will just make an alt account, play with it to get the locations, and play again with their real account to get perfects (but not necessary guessing 0m, they can feint a bit by adding some meters to look like legit). This is impossible to prevent and detect except if the challenge had locations impossible to pinpoint (like a photosphere, misplaced picture, broken coverage without any clue around etc).

    Usually most of the people that always hit 25000 are just using Google to search clues, which isn't forbidden since there are no official rules stating that using Google (or any external help) is cheating. Using Google Maps to check the streetview and see if it matches the location is probably where cheating starts. Some of them probably uses multiple account and cheat smartly though.It can still be possible to spot when someone cheats, nobody is perfect... And some players like me or Granis never use Google and when we get perfects, it's 100% legit and our videos on Youtube can prove that. Guess you can also suspect cheating when the account is new, with few played games, low average or very recent pro account (usually they just want to unlock the champion badge in their profile).

    In summary, just ignore the leaderboard and play for yourself.
  • Hitting the target spot on is one thing and of course not impossible. But if you take a look to the leaderboard of a random map of your choice, I take nearly every bet that you will see a podium with players who get five times 0m at less of an half minute. That's just impossible because even to zoom in at the map to set the marker takes more time than the average 5 seconds per guess which those guys needs. Also the replaying with a second account would not allow you such marvelous times. It's absolutely clear for me, that they use some kind of script to achieve it.

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