Results page on a challenge

First of all, love Geoguessr... you've brought many of my friend groups together with weekly leagues and it's been a friendly way to compete and stay in touch. Thank you!!

We play a weekly league and this week I realized that the results page no longer shows which round was associated with each location (there used to be a 1-5 next to each location and now it's no longer there). It would be great to bring that number back... my friends and I have a group chat and we'll often look back and say "wow, how did you get that close for number one?" It'll be harder to do that now that each location isn't marked by it's round number.

Thanks for all y'all do to make geoguessr great and appreciate the response in advance!



  • The numbers are still here for me. Try to clear your browser cache.
  • Also there for one of my friends, so yes, definitely a me issue. I'll try that. Thanks

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