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in this, the digital age, to have the quality of most of your routes so poor that it is difficult to read anything that you run across, you need to invest in some decent cameras or what ever it takes to clear things up. plus I have ran into areas that it will not allow you to proceed on the route. I do like this for the most part.

Mike Bourg


  • Hi Mike

    Thank you for taking the time to playing the game and giving us feedback. Unfortunately the images for the panorama comes from Google's Streetview Service and not by us, however they are constantly renewing the pictures and increasing the quality. If you were to stumble upon an area with particular bad resolution, please let us know. Thank you again for the feedback!

    Kind regards

  • First off this is a great website. Really Enjoy the game thus far. But I too have encountered a bad resolution image that doesn't enable me to read the signs and thus I'm unable to find my location. I suspect the map is somewhere in Africa but I don't have a way to find out. You should probably add report resolution button or some other feature that allows you to debug the game.

    If you need help debugging the game I'd be more than happy to help, you can contact me via email.

  • Hey Shai. We've been talking a bit about filtering out images with bad resolution. However, nothing is decided yet. We've got several users giving feedback on this. If it's bad for the overall game experience we ought to do something about it. 😀

    A resolution, rate or feedback button is also an interesting idea. Thanks so much for trying the beta and taking the time to provide us with feedback. You guys are awesome and it helps us on our mission to improve the game further.


  • Hi Erland,
    Your musing about poor resolution photos being bad for the game experience resonated with me.
    I hate it when I've had a perfect game up to #4 or even worse #5 and all of a sudden I can't read even big signs because of poor resolution.
    I often have to close the game and walk away. (Although my addiction usually drives me back within 24 hours :-).
    Anything you can do to avoid poor resolution picture areas would be very much appreciated.
    Von Bishop

    Von Bishop
  • Hey, agreed. I'll bring it up for further discussion with the team. Another option, from the top of my head, could be to give players one "lifeline", i.e. allowing them to trade one location per game for a new one.


  • I would support that, although screening for poor resolution photos would be best.

    Von Bishop
  • Hi there,
    I am going to be the contrarian, but reading signs is a bit easy, I feel the low resolution adds to the difficulty of the game.
    It should be a feature, not a bug. Make us pay for lower res pics !!!!

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