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Request for features to add to iPad app

Hi guys,

As it stands, when starting a game in single player classic mode, I can only see options for standard maps, popular maps or a search function. I would really like the ability to see my favourite maps too because, if I want to play a less popular map, even if I already have it favourited, I am forced to do a text search for it every time I play. The ability to favourite maps in app would be great too as I'm only able to do that on the website.

It is not even currently possible to replay that map again immediately afterwards. The Play Again button just takes me back to the list of maps so I need to search for it again if I want to play it again. Maybe three post-game option buttons could be made; Play This Map Again, Play a Different Map, Back (for example).

Love your work as always and keep it coming!


  • Hiya Russ!

    Thanks for the suggestion! Have passed it on to the team 🙂

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