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Report map button broken?

On every map page you have a "report this map" button in the bottom right corner. But when clicking on it it seems to not work as nothing happens. We don't know if a report is sent. Previously this button opened a pop-up where we could write the reason but it's been a long time it doesn't do it anymore I don't even remember last time I saw it working.

So, it is actually working or it is broken?
Mapper Report inappropriate content


  • Hi, it's working but it doesn't give any feedback.. We just wanted to get it out as quick as possible.
    My idea with the report button from the beginning was to let users report maps with inappropriate names etc, maybe 'broken' locations. But it looks like people are reporting maps they find boring etc so we don't really know what to do with the information, we can't just auto-remove a map because it's been reported, I guess people are allowed to create whatever maps they want.. I do take a look at the reports now and then to find inappropriate names etc.

    Are you sure about the 'reason' dialog? I don't remember that, could it have been a report somewhere else? That's something we could add to get more info about why it's been reported. But I think I like the idea more of have a rating/like system for maps so you can get a hint that a map called "Europe" with a 1/5 rating might not be a good Europe map but rather locations in Iraq..



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