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Repeated maps

Hello there. I am writing to ask the question of why maps get repeated on challenge mode. I enjoy playing with a colleague when possible and it is rather disappointing to have maps repeated. This seems to be happening more and more frequently. My last game resulted in 2,3,4 aaaand 5 all being the same map. I imagine this could be because it's a free version but I'm worried that the same will happen if i subscribe 🙁


  • The free version is not representative to the actual game. With pro you have access to way more better maps. You can try the daily challenge for exemple, it's free to play. You also have better maps, like the ones in the most popular maps or the editor choices. Here is a challenge from one of those maps if you want to have a try: (it's also free and you can share the link to anyone to play together).
  • I'm a paying customer and I also am getting repeating maps.
    Celia Pearce
  • Hi,

    Which map are you playing when you get the repeats? Some maps have thousands of different locations so repeats should not be very likely. However user made maps only need 5 locations so if you play them multiple times you'll get the same locations.

    If you have a look at the map page for ex. you can see how many locations is has (in this case 10k+)

    Could you share a link to the map that you're having issues with?

  • Are maps sets of locations or single locations? The reason I'm asking is that I'm never getting the same SET of locations twice, just within a set. And you are correct in that it's never in the same precise spot. So for instance, I've received Versailles twice, the Queen's Castle in Copenhagen (which I've actually BEEN to in real life so that was fun), and a few others I cant recall off the top of my head. By the way I should warn you before I say this next thing that I'm a professor of game design and a game designer myself. I guess given that they are different positions at the same location, it's probably fine, but I might add a parameter that people can't get the same specific location in two close succession. I guess I would not mind repeats if they were placed a little further apart in time. So like every tenth play I get Versailles, instead of three days apart. Does that make sense?

    BTW I'm also a word travel so I will probably end up making some maps of my own eventually. 😀
    Celia Pearce
  • Hi Celia,

    Maps can either be a set of hand picked locations or locations within a polygon. Every time you start a new game 5 locations will be picked randomly from the set so the probability of getting the same exact location depends on the size of the location pool. If you have polygon covering an area where there's a lot of street view locations the probability to get one of them increases (ex there's likely many locations around Versailles)

    You should definitely try out the map maker and play around with it.

    have a great day,

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