Repeated locations

When playing on the European Union map, very often I get the same locations. This thread has evidence of it happening, and employees of Geoguessr over two years ago saying that they will look into this problem. The locations should be entirely random every round obviously.
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  • The EU map is probably a hand-made map. I did some data analysis taking thousand of locations appearing in hundred of different games to look at the map coverage and only a few cities are in the map. The fact it is hand-made is because EU is not Europe, so they can't just make a map based of an area (or they would have to draw a very specific shape in the selector area, assuming they do that to generate the maps). The other map in this situation is Famous Places, which is normal as you can't generate a map based on famous places.
    But I agree the maps need some update. For example, Japan map still uses 2014 Streetview coverage, making big holes in the coverage. The best map (outside of World) is USA which has a very complete coverage. Many other country maps are mostly based around urban areas (Australia, Sweden, Canada...), which isn't necessary bad as most of the players don't like being in the middle of nowhere (but personally I don't like being in towns too much :p).

    For like 2 years the World map was not updated and I had to show solid proofs to the developers to update it, despite of them telling us that the map was fine every time we asked for an update... I think the official maps are almost never updated which is confirmed by the Japanese map that uses the half-2014 coverage, when the map was added on Geoguessr (with the new website version).
  • Hi,

    yes we've been terrible at updating the official maps.. We just haven't had the time to prioritise that. Sorry.
    Hopefully that's less of an issue now with the user generated maps, with the new polygon tool it only takes a minute to create a map of any desired area. 


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