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repeat locations and incorrect locations

I love playing geoguesser and was on my way to my first near perfect score when I received a static photo of a remote truckstop. the latin alphabet and fashionably dressed women, arid mountainous landscape and distant glaciers lead me to guess it might be a high mountain in South America so I took a stab at it. I was slightly surprised to find these latin looking men and women were actually near Southern Kazakstan, but that's the way the cookie crumbles. The next map showed me the same place. I looked more closely at the writing on the truckstop and figured I'd hit a glitch so I repeated my answer and this time was told that this lady in the tight blue pants suit was no longer in kazakstan but was in Alaska. the exact same picture. This is really disappointing because my previous two guesses had scored 5,000 and 4,999 points, so sad! I wish that the link to send people the challenge of the same map worked, but it has never worked for me so I don't think this will send you there but here is the URL posted at the end of the game: let me know what you see.

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  • Hi Spike

    Thank you for your feedback and sorry about the almost "perfect score" game.
    The static images are called "photo-spheres" and something that we've gotten a lot of feedback on, we're currently working removing these/making them optionable since a lot of players aren't very fond of them.
    The other issue is most likely due to a bug that we've identified and are working on implementing a fix for. However, thank you for the challenge-url, this will make it possible for us to investigate this specific problem further.

    Kind regards


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