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Removing app download screen

Friends, I do not own an iPad or an iPhone. How can I permanently remove the advertisement screen for those apps?

Wes Stanton


  • Hi Wes,

    Sorry for the inconvenience, we're so excited about our new app so we want to share it with the world. However now you should only have to close the pop up once, as long as you don't clear your cookies/history then it might show up again.
    Hope it won't be too annoying in the future.

    Thanks for playing and providing us with feedback!


  • How do I remove this pop-up.  It covers my content on other sites and is impossible.  It is a true deterrent and I want it gone.  Please advise.
  • Hi marna,

    Which pop up is it that you are seeing? Then one in the original post were removed years ago. Could you post a print screen?

  • Marna
  • This looks like some kind of addon / malware... I suggest you checking your browser to see if there is no installed addon / extension that could cause this, check your computer to see what program is installed and run antivirus / antimalware as well.
  • Hi again,

    Yeah as Mapper said, I would check the browser for plugins etc. I've never seen that pop up before.

    Sorry and good luck,
  • Thank you.  I removed the extension.  I did not realize it was there

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