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Remove timer

I played a game the other day and it wasn't timed. The next day I came online and the games were timed. The allowable time was way too short to be fun. How do I control or eliminate the timer?


  • I only have THREE minutes for each game in the daily challenge. That CAN'T be right!
  • It is, that's how the daily challenge works. If you want to play without a timer you need to select a map and click the play button. There is one free game daily on the map of your choice + the daily challenge that always has 3 minutes per round.
  • Thanks for letting me know. The first day I played there were five games and time was unlimited. Maybe that wasn't the daily challenge? I hope I can find that option again. It was fun!
  • It must be. Just choose one of the maps and you can play with the timer duration you want including infinite time. All games are played on 5 rounds.
  • Good to know! Is there anywhere on the site that explains the basic features of Geoguessr?
  • you can only play once a day
  • i have a 5 minute time limit on every game i play how do i change?! other people i play with don't and they don't have a pro acc.
  • Hello Sophie, you can upgrade to a pro account at 😀 

  • I've been playing country streaks with no timer at all for a while now, and suddenly there's a 2--minute timer or something like that. Just saw it today. What happened ? Is this something new ?
    Mel C
  • I am having the same issue; all maps have a 2 minute timer, and no apparent way to shut that feature off.
    John G
  • Today i played my first game this year and i was confronted with a timer too. I can't disable it, only improve it to 10 minutes.

    Thank you for supporting me in my decision: I canceled just my subscription.

  • Same i 'll discontinue my subscription if you don't explain how to control this f... timer.

    Last week no timer was present, this week, 2 minutes for each run in explorer !!!
  • Same issue. I just cancelled my subscription. Let people easily toggle the timer. The people that do this for some sort of nerd cred can turn on the timer and the rest of us that do it for fun can play without limits. Very disappointed.
  • Hi guys!

    You are able to change the round time by going to "Default settings" and clicking the switch:

  • And if you select 0 minutes, you have  the timer off !.

    Great, but Geogssr shoud had communicate this !
  • So, this solution only works on one of my machines. On the other (older) machine, when you "turn off" the "default" settings, no additional options appear below the switch, and the game always starts at 2 minutes.

    Why on earth would they make "panic mode" the DEFAULT setting? This just seems very wrong-headed to me.

    It seems apparent, from many of the comments, that I am not alone in getting my enjoyment from GeoGuessr in exploring each new location, finding both unique features and similarities in widely differing locales, learning something of the flora and architecture, and challenging myself to find the exact spot on Google earth or maps.

    John G
  • Good to know you can remove the 2 min limit, but it shouldn't be the default option, imo. This has the ability to turn people off.
    Mel C
  • I second what Mel said. The no-timelimit option should be the default, or at least such an option shouldn't be so hidden/small.
  • I don't have the option to adjust the time on any of the devices I play Geoguessr on. I'm a teacher and use it in my Geography class. Yesterday I went to a map that I'd used earlier, and there was this 2 minute time limit all of a sudden. I pay for the pro account to avoid things like this.
  • The Quick-play mode have a built in timer but on regular Maps it can be turned off before starting it -

  • Thank you. You have to scroll down to see this option, but it did the trick. And once I changed it on one map it became the default on others that I went to.
  • I have previously played quick play and had no timer, today it has a 2 min timer.
    The point of quick play was that it was just 1 location, but you could take your time.
    There is no option to change the timer, when you press play it starts without a chance to change any settings.
    David Harries
  • Why was the decision taken to change he default to 2 minutes? Please change the default back to no time limit.
    Adrian Bailey
  • Filip, Mika or Johan can you please remove the 5 minute freeplay timer. I like the ads better. If you don't remove the timer I won't play the game because its not fun waiting 9 minutes just to play for 5 so please bring ads to free play
    Mrman Cabanas
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