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I really like this game. One thing about it I don't like is the one round a day. I used to have so much fun playing multiple rounds a day. If you keep this function you probably will lose many people who play the game. I'm very disappointed in whoever decided this was okay. Also a couple years ago a youtuber who's very famous played your game. This probably caused a spike in your popularity. If you want more youtubers to play then the removal of this function will give you more popularity spikes.
David Rosseter


  • Yeah, you clearly never took the time to make a search, like all the 11653 others before you that spam this forum with the same message. At least you're not insulting like many others. So here is the deal:
    - the game is not free, because the game uses Google services which is very expensive (thousands of dollars per month, if not more); Google multiplying prices by 14 last year didn't let any choice;
    - each loaded game costs money and popularity spike from youtubers / streamers is what definitely killed the free game last summer;
    - putting game pay-only saved it, not killed it; keeping game free would have killed it, ruined the devs and throw them to the street or in jail for not paying Google;
    - you can still play for free using challenge links that you can find on map pages (in the activities) or in pro leagues, the daily challenge or on places like Reddit. If you took the time to search you'd have figure it quickly.
  • What if I told you that that wouldn't happened for a number of reasons, so no, here's the deal:
    -I did look at other comments who agreed with me so your wrong there
    -Each loaded game costs money huh. Yeah right just going on the game page gives the developers money
    -This increase of money would've resulted in the game developers to get the money to increase the quality of the game
    -This wouldn't have led the developers to a life on the street, that's a hyperbole don't you think
    -Most of the users, like me, probably don't have a Reddit account so even if that is true it doesn't matter to literally thousands
    -Also the youtubers I am almost certain would've encouraged many people to buy the full version thus adding more money for the game developers
    -And also mister I don't appreciate your attitude
    David Rosseter
  • "Each loaded game costs money huh. Yeah right just going on the game page gives the developers money " You're telling completely wrong statements and this totally proves you're not making any effort to search the real reasons. Do you know how Google API works? Probably not. Let me show an example: You have here their prices. A single Geoguessr game you load (as Google bills for loading Maps and Streetview) is around 2 cents. Now you'll have to know that the game was played a lot before the pro update, usually around 500,000 games per week (for the world map only). This costs around $10,000 per month, and that's not counting all other maps and map editor usage which would probably apply a x2 ~x5 to the costs (depending of the popularity during the month, like I said youtubers / streamers were the worst thing to happen since they only make costs rising a lot).

    Of course you can't know all of this at start but if you take the time to understand the situation by seeking information first, you would have not made another post that just fills those forums for nothing. I don't care that you don't appreciate my attitude, it's what you deserve for being like too many people here: only thinking about your own advantages, nothing else. You just want people to work and pay more than a regular income monthly so you can enjoy their work for free. Especially when the devs are only working on the game on their free time as they can't make enough to live and must have a regular job aside.

    So no, the game will never become free again with unlimited games. And devs are already making efforts with the free challenges links. If too much people play them again, they risk big. and what do you think that could happen if they end up ruined with big debts? Yes, they can end homeless or jailed or whatever happens when someone gets ruined but still have to pay big money.

    Note that you do not need a Reddit account to check the subreddit and click the challenge links. And just by searching "geoguessr challenge links" I quickly find the subreddit so it's really not hard to find it.
  • A wall
    Marko Rentosuo

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