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Remove the daily challenge global leaderboard

With the additions of the friend leaderboard and the personal stats / badges, the global daily challenge is not needed anymore. It's just a place to show who is the best cheater (daily challenge is often nicknamed as "daily cheater" in the community because of this) and some scumbags even use it do advertise their Twitch channel (they really deserve to be banned from both GeoGuessr and Twitch so don't hesitate to report them in both places).

As everyone play with their own rules (using Google or not) and with all the cheaters around this leaderboard is really completely useless. Even worse, it push more people to cheat as well. As it is impossible to prevent cheating (a simple alt account is enough which is literally impossible to block) this is the only way to stop the daily challenge from being the daily cheater.

I've tried to think about alternative, like some ranking system that tells you're top 10 or whatever but this would always promote cheating. Cheaters want their name to be on the top (they probably lack some attention) so really, just remove anything that can show someone's name (outside of your friends) and it will be way better.


  • I also find the global leaderboard annoying with the Twitch advertisements, vouching for this suggestion.

    A related suggestion: I am still curious how I performed in relation to other players globally, because just my personal daily challenge score doesn't tell me too much how well I did due to the random locations which can be very easy or very hard. (And also I don't have a lot of friends to compare my score with.) Naively I would think the simplest way to achieve this is to show the global average score of each daily challenge. Possibly also interesting would be the global average of different demographics, e.g. normal versus verified players. I haven't thought this through however, I can imagine that there are implications which will make this not work.
    Maarten (mhvis)
  • Hi!

    We are working on something similar like this when it comes to ranking and rating for the game modes. So hopefully when this is released in the future this wont be an issue.


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