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Remove Germany from explorer mode

Germany is largly uncoverd by streetview which makes it unsuitable for Explorer games (and probably all other games as well).

I just had the folowing 5 locations in my explorer game.

1 A location in the netherlands just short of the german border.
2 Inside view of a club in Kaiserslautern which has been closed for several years.
3 A location in Denmark just short of the german border.
4 Inside view of a classroom from some kind of school in Württemberg.
5 Location on a Industrial park near Bremen.

This is completely rediculus.
40% is oputside of the country borders.
40% is insde without a possibility to go outside.
Only 20% is actual streetview.


  • Germany should stay - there just needs to be a little tidying up of the border polygon, and an algorithm to remove the indoor locations.
    Adrian Bailey

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