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Remove 50/50

Battle Royal was a fun game mode until this feature was added. It removes skill and makes final rounds stupid. Just remove it please. If the game should be easier for newer players, why you don't introduce an elo/matchmaking system?


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  • I just had a round where I guessed Botswana in the first round first try, and no one else had gotten it. In the last 10 seconds or so of the round, 3 more people got it, all by using their 50/50. Needless to say, I was pretty annoyed. It feels like the joker is taking a lot of skill out of the game, and it's less about guessing the right country and more about picking the right time to use your joker now. I hope the feature gets removed or drastically reworked.
  • Please do separate lobbies without 50/50 or just remove this feature. It's ruining the game.

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  • Remove this nonsense please or give an option to play without.  Thanks 😀
  • Can you make it optional in battle royale with friends?
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  • completely agree with you.

    i understand that it is a nice feature for new players. but for skilled players its is ruining the whole mode
  • Completely agree, the game isn't as fun anymore. Even if you're in the final round and someone looses to a 50/50, I would have still much rather have won fairly. There should at least be an option to play without it.
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  • Agreed, 50/50 ruins it.
  • Yes please remove this feature, or allow us to turn it off.  Some rounds it seems like I'm playing with honorable people who won't use it and then I get to the final and they were just saving it for the easy win.  Cheap.  Infuriating.  Okay for the casual player but if you want to keep serious players it needs to be better.  Please focus on ways to prevent rampant cheating on the daily challenge instead of adding new features nobody wants.
  • Adding my voice to this, I get the premise of it but it doesn't work very well in practice. At least make it so you can't use it in the final round
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    Henry Incrom
  • Hi all,

    We are still working on our new features and how they should work. So thanks for all the feedback, we appreciate it!

    Hopefully we can have the option in private games so the players can choose to not enable it.

    Will send the feedback on to the team!

  • Hi Filip, thanks for responding. By private games do you mean the ones where you share the link with your friends, as opposed to the public ones that anyone can join? Because I think the vast majority of people here are concerned about the feature in the public games rather than the private ones. Could you make that clear to the team please?

    Thank you

  • Thanks Filip for talking about this issue
    If you working to fix it the way you wrote it, it will still be a issue.
    We are concerned about public games.
  • As people already said, the problem here is in the public games specifically.
    A switch for the private rooms would be a nice addition, but this is not the concern we're talking about.
    Especially if you plan on creating a serious competitive gamemode with the new divisions and such, this 50/50 thing doesn't belong here in any way.
    Could you imagine any other competitive game where the players roll a dice at the last stage of the match to determine the winner ?

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