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Remove 50/50

Hey guys,

Just here to give you feedback on the 50/50 feature: not a big fan. I played quite a bit of GeoGuessr with my friends a few months ago, and LOVED the Battle Royale mode. I got GeoGuessr Pro the other day to try it out for myself, but quickly found that the new 50/50 feature (which I didn't know had been added) has ruined the mode for me, unfortunately. If the location is difficult, the round basically becomes a race to hit the button, rather than an opportunity to keep looking around and use every drop of your geographical knowledge to figure out the answer. In particular, the final rounds are the worst - instead of trying to guess the correct country, everyone scrambles to hit the 50/50 button and win, which completely defeats the purpose of the game.

Hopefully you guys agree with me! I'd be really eager to play some more BR if 50/50 were to be removed, but for now I think I'll stick with the original game mode.


  • completely agree. 250 games in and i just found about about the button today. i can easily get to the last round, but i always wondered how people always win the 1v1s against me in hard locations. 50/50 is fine. but it should be removed from 1v1s.
  • -1

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