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Removal of ALL free maps but 1?

I saw the announcement that you guys are changing what can be played without Pro.  Now we can only play the daily challenge or World?  I can't afford to buy a monthly subscription and I always disable Adblock for this site, so this is pretty frustrating news.  Have you considered placing video ads in between the 5 map locations?  Perhaps a system to purchase maps with coins you earn by completing tasks/watching ads? I don't know how much longer I'll retain interest in this game if this continues 🙁


  • this was disappointing for me to me and my brother would bond over playing on our local map but now we cant i will miss these fun times greatly
    jaksa uren
  • Pathetic that you have to pay a free game which consists of GOOGLE's street view. I thought of getting the ad-free version so that i could enjoy more but now I kinda dont want to because they have removed ANY access to free maps. and even the world map trial is shit. you can't even move 15 goddamn meters
    Aditya Sharma
  • Yeah wtf? Trying to ruin everything
  • Its a money grab, plain and simple, and a real shame that greed has ruined a great site.
  • GeoGuessr staff, this thread and the reactions in it is a good example of why you really need to communicate better, especially on the actual GeoGuessr website itself, NOT just on reddit or other websites, where only a very select few will ever see it.

    I love this game and unlike most posters here I actually do know that(and why) these changes are necessary, but you should really try to make it clear to people visiting the website. It's a shame to have people not understand and unnecessarily have them turn against you.

    You should probably get a message to show on the website that explains why these changes are necessary or something, otherwise people won't understand and just assume it's a cash grab... Most people are not aware that using google's API is costing you money or that google massively increased the price of this usage...

    Instead of just the "In order to play this map you need to become a Pro explorer" on every map, maybe add a button with an explanation of the changes, including WHY they were necessary?

    And I mean not just on the front page, since a lot of people never actually go to the front page, and instead go - for example - straight to their favourite maps. Would be best to have the explanation in any place that is affected by the new changes(so on every map).

    Clear communication goes a long way, it's a shame to have people unnecessarily turning against you when a lot of that can be prevented by just making sure they have clear explanations available to them, without them having to go out of their way to look for explanations.

    Here's some explanations about the situation, for anyone reading this post who is curious:
  • I agree that our communication regarding this change has been a failure on our end, we'll strive to improve this in the future.

    In order to keep the discussions in one thread, please see this post for more information: Regarding the latest changes to non-pro functionality

  • I know it is disappointing, but, Google made their API cost higher than usual, so, companies like Geoguessr must develop a paywall in order to receive money, I just think that the Goeguessr staff should open a Patreon, have an in-game currency like GeoCoins and, you can waste them on hints as to the location that you are in, for example, if you are near Copenhagen, the game will make a circle on the Scandinavian region and, to get a more precise hint, you must pay double the amount of coins than to the usual hints, so, if you are near Copenhagen, the game will make a circle around Småland, Skåne and Zealand. I hope I gave the wonderful developers of Geoguessr an idea for a new feature.

    Also, the prices for GeoCoins are:

    150 GeoCoins - 1.99 Euros;

    500 GeoCoins - 4.99 Euros;

    1.000 GeoCoins - 9.99 Euros;

    5.000 GeoCoins - 19.99 Euros;

    10.000 GeoCoins - 49.99 Euros;

    50.000 GeoCoins - 99.99 Euros;
    Mika Heikkinen

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