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Regarding the new Free Version

I am a teacher and I use this tool as a way of engaging my students in the world around them.  You are essentially taking away a gateway for students to geography and internet literacy by adding a pay wall.  I would hope that you allow a classroom free version like other educational apps in which a teacher profile will allow group access for free.
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  • Please make a little search before making new threads about the same subject.

    Developers said they're thinking about new plans for schools here:

    The paywall is necessary to cover Google's expensive fees (Google Maps is not free to use at all and Google multiplied prices by 14 lately, forcing this paywall). Each played game costs money for Geoguessr.
    Like I said to another teacher, if you can give more details about how many students and how many plays you plan to have, this could help developers to determinate more adapted pricing. But you can already forget about free plans, it's not possible anymore.

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