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Regarding the latest changes to non-pro functionality

Following the latest changes non-pro users no longer has access to the full catalog of maps. This change was triggered by a need to bring the costs of GeoGuessr down to allow GeoGuessr to continue operating. At the moment there are great differences in quality between the new free version and the old/pro, but this is just the first step. We are currently working on adding more content to the free version to give the best experience possible!


  • Did you see the idea about letting users imputing their own Google API key? This could be worth giving a try. It may not be the easiest thing to do for most people but with a clear tutorial (community will provide some for sure) it may allow many people to play without making API costs. With this, they could play the game again (and only take pro if they want a profile picture, the map editor etc like before).

    If you didn't see yet, a thread was made on Reddit linking to a comment explaining the idea (someone on Twitter initially found the idea by looking at a website using users API keys to function).
  • I actually just wrote a reply on the Reddit thread regarding this.

    Although this solution would be logically possible (but probably not practical except for power users) this would unfortunately violate Google's terms and conditions for maps.
  • Anton,
    Does this mean that with the Pro subscription, the game works with Google instead of Mappify?
    Chris PIPER
  • Hi Chris

    Yes, the pro version uses Google Streetview just like before. We noticed that this information wasn't entirely clear and are working on clarifying this on the site.

  • Thanks for the clarification Chris
  • This is bullshit
    Nate C
  • Aleksandar
  • not able to load maps in non -pro account.

  • You've ruined GeoGuessr. Thanks a lot
  • Shut up with your "you ruined the game bwhaa" and educate yourselves by reading around why this is happening.

    Devs, you should really say why you need to lower the costs on the announcements. People can't know everything and this message clearly doesn't tell that Google increased the prices so much and why all Google related content is now behind pro account...
    Also don't forget about your Twitter account. I myself don't like Twitter much but it's a good way to target a large audience.
  • I am really angry about the outrageous price increases by Google for providing their service to you.

    I really like the idea of a Netflix-style family account that I saw on reddit.
    This would be great for me and my friends, as we play almost daily competitions consisting of three rounds of World with a set time limit.
    We tried today, but in the current state of both the locations and the map it is impossible.
    Getting a group discount for up to 5 or 6 people could convince all of us and I am sure many others to go Pro.
    the defeated
  • @the defeated: A smaller group account sounds like it definitely could fill a void, I'll bring it up with the team!
  • Update:
    We've now launched a new feature that allows non-pro users to play one free game per day. Please note that this functionality is still a test and we might tweak or change this in the upcoming weeks!
  • You know, I can understand by reading about the update of why they decided to change it, but I do feel like it should be 5 free games instead. I'm a casual player, and I don't play that many games in one sitting, and not very often. I like to play at least a few games here and there, but only one game is not enough for anyone to play. Like I said, I understand why they did it, my only recommendation is to change the one free game to 5.
    Tessa Hitcherick
  • I see google is squeezing money out of geoguessr but you shouldn’t kill the game. It is hard for me to believe that the cost of using google’s mapping data is greater than the revenue received from the ads on geoguessr. It was a good game while it lasted, something else will catch my interest. BTW the free version has serious functioning problems and is barely playable.
    If I ever get a stable income I might afford a few bucks a month in the meanwhile it's a pass on the "pro" version for me.
    I wish the game the best outcome, cheers
  • Thank you for adding a free game per day. It's much appreciated.
    This is what convinced me to buy pro.
    It allows me to play with friends without convincing every single one to get a subscription.
  • I get why you are having to charge and I will probably pay. I am glad to see your subscription page gives a little more explanation of the benefits than it did a couple of days ago. Can I check this still gives access to Google maps and streetview? But the site to give your card details doesn't look as reassuringly safe as I would like.
    Myrtille S
  • Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.
  • Only request is that i can still play the daily challenge.
    Aethan Beaudry
  • @Myrtille: I can confirm that pro users can play all existing maps with Google Streetview like it was before the change. To handle payments we're using Stripe and Paypal which are two of the largest payment service providers in the world. This means that all payment information is stored securely on their end. If you want to learn more you can check out  or
  • The free map is all buged and i can't afford the subscription right now... I guess it's time to say goodbye to my lovely Geoguessr. Good while it lasted
  • why? Just what were you thinking

  • At first when I was told I was like really 1 game day I was pissed. But being a tech guy I knew google had messed with the API key last year so I decided to go look and see if they changed the pricing and maybe that's what made you guys change. Crazy new pricing they have.

    You might want to give a bit more details of why you had to change on the front page because a casual user is just going to think you are trying to force people into paying.

    P.S. - I'll be getting a Pro account.
  • Dont be mad at the devs, google has changed the way it charges for its service by a huge margin

    the devs have no choice really, this is not their fault, and many smaller companies out there are in the same boat of being utterly off guard and screwed by this move.

    Tails Era
  • 🙄 some of these answers are making me reconsider the whole freedom of speech concept..
  • Hey, long time player here.

    I totally agree with Mapper, I really think you should seriously let people know exactly what the issue is and why you have to start charging money for people to play the game (cause let's be honest, the free version is barely playable at this point).

    Right now, I can't find that info anywhere stated officially by you. It should be front and center on the main Geoguessr page for free users The explanation given there "we need to keep costs down" isn't very convincing.

    I personally have gotten so much out of this game that it would be insulting not to finally go pro after so many years and I will (after I get my paycheck lol). But for newer users the current state might be very discouraging. I get that you are in a near impossible situation but I do think this could have been handled better.

    I hope everything works out for Geoguessr and that this isn't the beginning of the end.
  • First of all, I understand that google somehow is raising the prices so much that something has to change (I just found out about the new change after not playing for a few weeks).
    From a business perspective I understand the need to improvise and adapt, but I feel this is a horrible solution.

    First of all, one (1) game is to few, some suggested 5 some 3. I don't know what the "sweet" spot would be but a single one would pretty much kill any chance that I (or my friends) would play the game in the future.

    Secondly I feel it's an issue, the first map I got was unable to move at all, which means my one game a day is bugged and unable to be played. Swell, that might be a temporary issue, it might just be a bad seed... but it is only an issue for me as my (only game today) is now ruined.

    I plead to you, reconsider as it's a horrible change from my perspective.
    Niels Løgstrup Mulvad
  • I forgot one thing in my last post, you should remove the requirement for the users not to have add-blocker on now that you are requiring people to pay for the game.  You can't be double dipping as you are right now.
    Niels Løgstrup Mulvad
  • You need to realize that they lose money on each played game (for non pro user). One free game is already a risk they take. They need time now to see how much this free game will affect the costs. Maybe they can allow two or more free games, maybe they will have to remove the free game, we can't know right now. Ads are still needed for this to help cover the costs. Also remember you can play challenges for free (this also cost them money but they try to keep that accessible, hence the need of ads). You can visit a map page and check the last activities where you can find challenges. You also can find a place where challenges are shared, like Or if you know a pro user, you can ask him to create a challenge.
  • One free game per day are you serious?  You ruined the game. Why not put more ads then instead of so much limitations for free players

    I am truly upset I loved playing this with friends and now we can't

    Some people don't have credit cards and can't go pro
    Joana Tavares
  • I just now figured out now that free players can no longer create challenges? That means you can't play with a friend if you a free player! This sucks you ruined the game
    Joana Tavares
  • Learn to read.
  • People complaining about them "ruining the game"... Stop blaming the devs, they are doing the best they can, Google ruined them with price changes unfortunately; It has been explained so many times here already, so go read up people... In the meantime, I've been gladly paying for the pro for months now, and won't stop the support, hope you can come up with something that is good for everyone, but with that Google pricing it'll be difficult.
  • Although I am dissapointed, I can appreciate the rise in charges you have incurred from google and as I play weekly I will consider paying to go pro. But before I do; Please can you confirm that I will be able to zoom in and out as I did before the changes? This function does not work on the daily free game for me now.

    If the zoom feature has been permanently disabled can you please tell me why.
    Thank you in advance,
  • Pro game is like before, as it still uses Google Streetview. You can move, rotate, zoom etc.
  • Please add bitcoin. I don't use disgusting FIAT currency. I am long term player and I have no problem paying if you start allowing bitcoin payments.

    I recommend these payment gateways -


  • This is just bad. You’ve basically lost half of your players that don’t have a pro account. Like, if you can’t afford to run your own game the way it was, give it to someone else. One free game per day? What is this? Jail? Get a grip and sort it out. You gotta listen to your ‘fans’. They’re the reason your game is still active because they play it. If you want to get rid of the non pro users and weed them out because they can’t afford it, then go ahead. Because I won’t be playing this any time soon unless it goes back to how it was or you increase the number of free games you can play per day. #Terrible
    Supervisory Special Agent Garratt
  • It's okay to be disappointed and to offer suggestions, but I'm sorry to read so many comments coming out of an entitlement culture.

    The developers are going through a though time. Let's not make it thougher for them.
  • Just to say I have taken the plunge and paid. The games are just as you would like. I think Geoguessr is a great asset and am happy to support the team. Please get rid of the fuzzy images of US and Australia though
    Myrtille S
  • That update ruined the game.
    Nathan D
  • I'm not mad... I'm just disappointed
    World Traveler No More
  • I mean the people saying they are out of here...thanks? your actually helping by costing them less money i suppose. Just adding more ad's isnt a solution, revenue isnt always reliable, and the ads just might not in anyways be able to generate enough revenue per game to pay for the new cost.

    if you didnt read the article, the cost per request that google is charging the devs could be 14x as much as it was, more ads may not be able to cover that at all.

    the devs have also said they are feeling out the situation with free game limits. you have to understand that when your hit with a bomb like this, you have to take action fast, 1 game a day does suck, but if it buys them enough time to save the whole project it is worth it, rather then burning through all their funds and closing doors.
  • Had to reload my daily free map because my adblocker was turned on, so I turned it off and reload because nothing happend. But now I have to wait 23h59m before I can actually play. New update really sucks
  • I have been trying to 'Go Pro' for several months. Every time I put the CC info in the box, I get an error message saying that my card is unsuitable for GeoGuessr. I make purchases from around the world and GeoGuessr is the one and only site that will not accept my card. All I want is the annual subscription which is less than $25. To hear you all crying that it costs so much is too funny considering you won't take my money.
  • Hi Ray,

    Sorry to hear that, we're using a third party payment provider (stripe) I think they cover most types of credit cards, what do you have?

  • I turned on the map, but there was no map - only Go Pro ad and I couldn't close it. So I reloaded the map, but somehow I have no free games left and I have to wait 23h59m before I can actually play. What happened? How am I supposed to skip the ad and play? Halp plz
  • I am a big fan of Geoguessr, but I feel like not using the Google Maps system for the 1 game a day will be your biggest downfall.  Anyone who has played it knows that Googles awesome mapping software helps make the game.  By using mapilary you will push away anyone new, and they will not know that it gets way better with the pro version without experiencing it for themselves.  

    I would recommend trying to keep it all Google maps, or a gif/video showing what you get with the pro version.  I will probably get the pro version, but it is only because I have played this before and know that it is a good game at its height.
    Zachary Heilman
  • "Don't be evil" .. lol...

    Hope this turns out okay. Ask geowizard to tell YouTube about this scandal.
  • I agree with what Zachary said. I feel like you'd be better off getting rid of the free option completely. Playing the Mapillary version makes the game seem terrible, and there's nothing obvious that tells you that the paid version uses Google street view.
  • I understand that Google want to be compensated for their intellectual property.  That's totally understandable but it is you who offer the game...  so in order to offer this game, you could consider ads to pay for the supply of maps.  Actually, I thought you already HAD done that when you launched the  website.  So, now you have to  charge players for something we thought was already covered?  Your mistake...?

    I can't and won't  pay for a service that I can get for free else where.  We all have google maps and streetview as it is.  And there are PLENTY of free games out there.  Sorry to be pedantic but I was so irritated  to see images that are just juvinile.  Won't be playing again pro or otherwise.
    Lisa in Baltimore
  • Lisa, you might have missed something... the costs went up to 14 times the original price... The ads aren't enough, there has been ads in there all the time, but the thing is, they aren't enough
  • You have a link at the bottom of the mail to remove notifications.
  • here’s another mail notification to you @NielsLøgstrupMulvad
    Nathan D
  • This has ruined the game. Add a lifetime price that is like $10 and I'll play again. Goodbye.
    Someone that has a brain unlike the devs
  • 😳 OctoVeemo20 is beyond retarded..

    Dude you missed the whole point.
    Just focus on finishing grade 5 and don't worry about what the adults do ok?

  • ^ Another dumbass that can't read or think right there. Keep going.
  • Is it possible to create a free pro account for schools? I use Geoguessr with my middle school Geography students to teach critical thinking skills. Perhaps having "school" or ".edu" email addresses? Or perhaps have teacher accounts with student logins?
    Geography Teacher
  • Guys... Do you even know what's the Google Maps API pricing[1] is like now?!
    It's 0.007 USD per map load and 0.014 USD per panorama. That results in 0.028 USD per round, so almost 15 cents per game!
    If you play each day one game it costs them 4.47USD per month. Making the limit higher to like 3 or 5 games a month will drastically increase their costs.
    It's completely logical and understandable the game is largely behind a paywall now and I wouldn't be surprised if the pro version sees a price bump soon.
    So please stop complaining.

  • Thanks @Luuk777w

    Base on certain messages I don't believe they understand what Google API is,
    I'm a little surprised there hasn't been any moderation TBH ☹️

  • RIP
  • I understand having to lower costs, and charge. I'm willing to pay.

    But I'm not going to pay a monthly subscription - doesn't matter how low it is.

    How about providing a "game pass" option, where people can pay for X, Y or Z number of games at once and let them play at their own rate?  I'd gladly slap down $5 for a 100 games.
  • Were the ad's not enough?

    Money grabbing assholes.
  • It's a shame for Google to update their prices like that, thank you for allowing us to continue to still play for a low price!
  • Wow, I used to play this often; it was my favorite game. Now, it has been ruined. No, I'm not buying pro. I have a few accounts and played hundreds of games. You go from account holders being able to play unlimited free games to only 1 free game a day that doesn't even load?? What a scam. I get that Google raised prices, whatever. But this change is beyond ridiculous.

    I have a suggestion: bring back the unlimited playing and triple, even quadruple the amount of ads. I don't care about ads. What you have done was a horrible decision and I hope you don't hear the last of it. Thanks for ruining the best computer game ever made.

    I know this is coming off as rude. But I have to commend and appreciate your work in making this game a reality. The last few years were great and I enjoyed it. I hope you understand my frustration.....I don't have a paypal account (nor will I get one) and you just took away the only game I play.

  • You can't just stack ads, it's not how this work. You know that ads are not unlimited, right? You have to find advertisers that can find customers that want to publish their ads, it' a market, and like all market: abuse it, and you lower your revenues.

    Your idea could maybe work if they went the shady way, like porn websites do: display non recommended ads, popups, stuff that give malwares. I doubt you want that. Teachers were already complaining about lingerie ads and similar, devs had to remove those categories and my guess is that this already lowered the revenues.
  • I would love to see the capability to use this again in my classroom. Currently in order to use it I would have to pay for 100 people, because my classroom has 32 students. As an educator, I simply can't afford that per month out of my own pocket. It was one of my students favorite things to do when they had free time in Geography. Could you consider a discounted education cost so that teachers have access to this engaging tool in the classroom?
    Geography Teacher
  • Congrats. You made it. Annoying 90% of your users.

    You could ask for donations regularly (as Wiki does) or just include more ads. But no, you are forcing your users into a paid membership - won't work. There's not even a package for a small group of like 5 users. And also - WTF: The group package for 15 people is more expensive as if 15 single persons would go pro because groups can't pay annual; makes no sense at all.
  • Please add option to play challenge mod in all maps for non-pro users.
  • To everybody comfy in their capitalist homes full of money don't care about poor ones, I payed!!! What is one coffee for you was a big deal for me, so go nazzi on me go mad, I had to! You can't imagine what this changes mean to people less fortunate than you, but why would you, you rich you rule, who cares about those that  don't have!!!! sad....
  • Worst decision ever to make people pay for EVERY features. Mostly for people like me, that play at GeoGuessr 3 to 4 times a year, with family, but when I play it I play it for hours ! Now I just can't : "Have horrible still images of some roads, make 3 guesses and wait for 24hours to play again and watch different horrible still images!".
    You destroyed the the game, you will loose tones of players that can't afford topay monthly to look at google street. At least you could count the number of games per week or months and let people play more during weekends instead of one party per day, which is ridiculous.
  • So the conclusion I draw after reading this is that this game is doomed. At the very best, it will downsize to an exclusive niche game for the few that are willing to pay for something that used to be free. It might not be the developers' fault, I get it, but the feeling is that the vast majority of players (and there were loads!) are enormously disappointed and are bidding farewell.
    Sad to say goodbye to one of the best and most enjoyable free entertainments offered by the internet...
  • It was already a niche game to be honest. This won't change a lot. I still see thousands of plays daily despite of the pro only so for now it seems to live very well. They don't make money from the game, it's just a side project for the devs, they don't need to be competitive or whatever. All alternatives always end to die or become paid only as well because of Google's prices.

    It could be more accessible with alternative pro plans (subscriptions are not the best for everyone), like game packages you can buy to play a specific amount of games when you want. I still wonder if watching ads to unlock few games could work, similar to ads on Utip that gives 5 cents to someone you want to support.

    Anyways you people will have to understand that nothing is free on internet. You pay Google with your personal data for example. Or by watching ads. Etc. Never free. Free is a false concept.
  • As a teacher I used Geoguessr in the classroom as a way to teach students how to search and look for clues. There is no way I or my school can afford $200 a month for 100 users. How about an Educator tier? Maybe get Google to let you tie it into their Google Apps for Education? Because of the new pro membership I'll have to look for other ideas for my students to use to enhance their search skills
  • Get one pro account for you, create a challenge link and send it to the students. They will be able to play it for free.
  • I came angry, but reading about what's going on I feel sorry for the devs. Google is just being evil, Geoguessr was an incidental big promotion for them when they launched StreetView.

    I'll chip in for pro.
  • This is a simple yet highly enjoyable game. Its simplicity is reason enough for it to be free. Reading some of the other messages, I agree that if you can't pay for your own game, you should give it to someone else. It was fine being free all that time, but now that it has become more popular, the owners of the game just want to make more profit. This was once something great to do during free time, and I learned a lot of geography from it, however it is absolutely ridiculous that everyone has to pay to use it. Many of my teachers used it during class, but because of your greedy decisions, none of them can use it anymore. I hope the people responsible for this decision realize how they will only make it worse by doing this. I am sure a large percentage of loyal players  are now boycotting this game until this nonsense is restored to the way it was, and I am one of them. I hope more people continue to refuse to put up with this, maybe then you will learn how to run a decent website. All was going well, and you even had Pro players who were paying, and I'm sure you also got donations as well. This is just teasing everyone. It is pathetic how you boast about how affordable it is when it should be completely free. It was so easy with it being free. No one had any problems, and it was perfect the way it was. If it becomes free again, and no, not free as in more free games per day; I mean free as in exactly how it was before, I will play it again and enjoy it. But I am not playing this at all until this mistake is fixed, not even the one free game per day, which is a joke anyway. The people who made this decision had better realize that this will only hurt the game. People will continue to stop using it until it is non-existent, and I hope they do so that Geoguessr can see what it has done. The only people defending this decision are surely very wealthy and have no problems with money. Sure, the ads were annoying, but they were bearable. Is it really too much to ask that a simple geography game like this one remain free? Resolve this or I will never play again, and I hope others will stop playing it as well in order to show you what your greediness has cost you.
  • I am also asking everyone I know who plays the game to complain as well because it doesn't seem to be getting through to you idiots.
  • @Matilda are you aware that it costs them money every street map that gets loaded? You're asking them to be willing to spend 15 cents each time someone plays. I don't know if you understand how much money an ad brings you, but it's not 15 cents. Not even close.

    I don't know what the actual numbers are, but I think it's a very conservative estimate to believe there are going to be roughly 100 people playing at any given time if it was for free. If it takes an average time of 30 minutes to finish a round, that means those 100 people would cost them $30 per hour. That's $720.00 a day. That's $21,600.00 a month.

    They used to pay for you to play, back when the costs were less than 1/10th what they are now. They were okay paying that, but when it costs them ten times as much it's not unreasonable or greedy to have to change something financially on their end.

    How about you offer to donate the 20k each month to keep the game free for everyone? In sure someone as generous and thoughtful as you would be more than willing.
  • It's more about 2 cents per game as API calls are only made once (then next rounds reuse the calls). It was still probably going above $30,000 per month considering how much the game was played.

    Sorry Matilda but you wasted your time writing this wall of text to the wrong people. You want to complain to Google which is responsible to this because they multiplied the prices by 14 lately (actually don't try, Google won't listen you, they don'y care). You can forget free Geoguessr forever (or until another business can show up big enough to make concurrency to Streetview but this will probably never happen I'm afraid).
  • I would say increase advertisements to raise funds I am sure not everyone would care if it means back to where it was before the google price hikes
  • Ads are a market. They obey to the law of offer and demand. The more ads you put, the lower their revenues will be. It's just impossible to pay the new prices with ads only, except if the game goes by the dark way (go to a porn or warez website without any ad block to have an idea of what I mean).
  • i used to love this game, it was a great way to deal with my anxiety, what happend to it? (i havent been playing for awhile) first ads , now only one game a day. not really the best move
  • Can you all make a minimal amount of research before asking the same question 100000 times? Everything is said in this thread. Google increased their prices so much that it is now impossible for a game like Geoguessr to exist for free anymore. You can still play challenges, daily challenge and leagues for free though, go find some links on map pages, in the activities.
  • i had do problems with them adding ads , i get that they need them to keep the game up
  • Just got the same location 4 imes in a row. Guess Geoguessr is dead.
  • Can Geoguessr be reconfigured as a browser extension that queries google maps? All it really needs to do is generate a random point, find the closest street view location, and obscure the address information. I think street view itself can be used for the main part of the navigation.
  • This is against Google's terms of services. If Google allows this, everyone would do that and Google wouldn't make money.

    Same for letting users input their own API key to take the costs on their end and use the free usage (which would be way enough for a regular GeoGuessr player). It works, but Google isn't ok with that. GeoGuessr has too much traffic and Google would cut the API access quickly, killing the game dead instantly.
  • For all westerners defending paying for something that clearly was doable without paying I have a message! You didn't have socialism ever or long enough to develop sympathy and responsibility for your fellow citizens that are in different situation regarding money. This is sick, you really do not care about all those pupils that had something to work with and now they don't, try explaining this to thousands of those kids. I payed eventually, but my last bubble of westerners being honest and wanting to be human burst. Our average salary is 300 euros and you want a percentage of this misery, nice. What does it tell about you, nothing nice let me say. I'm still enjoying the best game ever but two dozens of my fellow friends do not because they can't pay, and you don't care, typical for this state of money driven mind. Enjoy your capitalism and continue to look other way when you see homeless person or someone in trouble. Good day.

  • It WAS doable without paying, UNTIL Google raised prices, stop blaming the developers, it's not their fault...
  • This is legitimate to raise this concern but GeoGuessr cannot do anything. They will pay Google the same price whoever is playing the game. They can't make reduced prices for people living in countries with a bad situation or conversion rate because they would have to take the difference from their own pocket, which is obviously not possible.

    Remember that you can play challenge links for free, even if you used the free daily game. The daily challenge is also free. Just remember to use your free game first on the map of your choice, then use daily challenge or challenge links you can find in map activities (on individual map pages) for more games.

    Also since you've got a pro account, you can create challenge links and send them to your friends so they can play for free.
  • I think that now that awesome unselfish people from Geoguessr closed even that last possibility- to play challenges more than once a day. It was more than a 24 hours that there were not challenges in my favorite map (it is quite popular and usually new challenge is available about 20 times a day)
    Probably we have to thank people on this forum for pointing out this back door. I know one more way still to play for free, but now I know for sure that I have to keep it secret if I want to keep it alive.

  • Or maybe you could just pay if you really want to play the game... They will eventually close the whole thing up, if every selfish people start using some bypasses to not pay...
  • If you enjoy Geoguessr, paying the subscription still represents excellent value for money.
  • I understand the need for these changes, and I fully blame Google, but are there no map providers other than Mapillary that are available? To me, it just seems difficult to use. Maybe it's just me, but a lot of the time I can't even look around.

    I wish the best for you guys, and I'm sorry you had to do this.
  • Google has full monopoly and that's why they can set very high prices. Mapillary is the best alternative offering worldwide coverage but it's not really playable...
  • If the more people who can pay for it actually do pay, the more likely the Geoguessr team can find ways to offer it up to people who can't afford it.

  • Its almoust december and nothing has changed i know u need funds but this is just sad.I enjoyed playing all the maps and ads were fine but this is insanely bad.Improving payed virsion doesnt mean destroying the normal version.Problems with free mode:only 1 map,not 360 on 99% maps,those are just photos where u cant move,zoom...Geoguessr let me down
  • Shame. I know it's not your fault but it is what it is. I don't play the game nearly enough to justify adding yet another subscription service.

    Either way, it's dead. There's no way you're gonna get people paying for it to cover costs.

    Best thing you could do is have words with Google and consider discussions about turning it into an actual game you can play via apps and in steam for example. I'd happily pay something like 15$ for a lifetime access to the game, but certainly not subscribing to something which I play on whim.

  • I discovered this game before the transition to pro-only so I'm not as distraught as some of the users here. I still find it fun. However I do want to echo what some have said about the buggy trial/free Mappify version of the game. I am hoping that it is being provided as a free alternative because the devs actually want to find a way to improve it and make it more feature complete with the full version. So I don't want it to go away. However when I first played the Mappify version I was super confused about why the game that had just worked moment's ago was now terribly broken. I think the Mappify version of the game needs to be visually distinguished a lot more. There is almost no way to tell them apart on the homepage. I think the homepage needs to do a better job of communicating what is a paid-only feature and what is available for free, and why the free functionality doesn't work as well. The free functionality should be called a Beta and it should be separated from the rest. Maybe even ask people if they want to opt-in to the Beta game if they want to test it. Other than that, I am finding the game entertaining when I get a chance to play it. I'm still not sure if I am willing to pay for pro yet. The price seems a little high before I am sure if I want to keep playing. As some other people have said, having more free opportunities to try the game play or have less commitment to the pro version could both make it easier for me to take the plunge (like paying one-time for a numbers of games instead of a subscription). Those things could help me but I don't know the perfect formula, and I recognize that the site has been put in a difficult place due to Google changes. Best wishes!
    Jason Simone
  • I've only played a few maps. Today was the first time I had Mapillary maps. It really was not worth playing.  A pity...
    Matt Smith
  • Do not play the free world map. Use challenge links instead. You can find them in map activities on each map page or by joining leagues. Go on to find many challenges and leagues!
  • I wanted to try this game as I saw someone on Youtube playing it; it looked fun. However, the current free experience is not going to get you any customers; it is horrid. I tried about 15 maps and was able find to finish 1 of them. All the others were terrible; e.g. being on (what felt like) the longest road in the world and being able to move 50cm at a time, and when finally reaching an intersection being, unable to rotate or getting any sign in focus. Most of the games the navigation arrows disappear trapping the camera, and return to the start button only seemed to reset the zoom level. Most of the time I ended up reloading the page, starting a game in a new game about 50% of the time. The last 2 games killed any interest I might have had. Here I was stuck on a peer somewhere near LA, only able to move about 10 meters from the target and the navigation arrows just leading me in circles. The last the camera was looking at a rock on a puddle, unable to move forward or backwards or rotate. The experience was the same on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, as well as on another PC; it clearly was not a PC or browser issue
    Not being transparent about the pricing is also a big no-no. As far as I can see, you need an account to even see the price; I tried to create one, but hours later I'm still waiting for the email to arrive. It does not matter anymore as I have no more interest. But since I already wasted an hour and a half of my life on this game, I thought I give my feedback. If this is because of the Google maps Price hike... Sorry Google killed your game.
    Erik S.
  • What a shame, Geoguessr used to be such a fun game to play at night with friends. Now there's a paywall, a trash map engine, and some of the 'maps' are just still images.

    I'll no longer be playing this seeing how trash it's become.

  • Mapper
  • I'm still on the free version, was thinking of upgrading. But today all I got was Mapillary stuff - its really glitchy, often you are just rooted to the spot unable to turn even. No chance to explore and guess the location. Whats going on ??
  • Mapillary is the free version, that's why. But with pro you get regular version with better maps and quality (they use data from Google, which is very expensive now, that's why pro is needed to cover the costs).

    Note: you can still play challenges for free. Try this one for example: (I didn't check the locations, but you'll see the difference with Mapillary). Daily challenge is also free.
  • Yes I see. Well, as long as the pro version never has Mapillary - that interface seems unusable in its current state and gives such a poor impression of the game.
  • Well..  If i run a Volvo dealership and i want someone to buy the new XC90, i should ofc let them take an old rusty Volvo 240 for a testride then :D?
  • Magnus' point is pretty bad, thinking that you can actually try the Google Maps version free... You can't take that Volvo XC90 for a testride more than once can you?

    And to the other guy complaining, it still is fun, it just costs, because Google costs... Sadly that's what it has come to, you people have to stop blaiming Geoguessr for this, because there's actually nothing they can do about it 😀
  • Are the dreadful Google tourist maps used to plant your guess on, the same on Pro as on the Free version? I don't want to know where every ATM, taco stall, barbershop, dance studio etc  is. So much chaff is a distraction, and not always accurate either. The previous maps were much superior.
  • This is bullshit, just partner up with Google, you are excellent promotional material for their product. Or sell GeoGuessr to them, your product is shit without it, and with only being free.

    Your new free version is also terrible, you are looking for the wrong solutions. Looks like you just want money from players. Else you could have implemented the API key silently, I'm pretty sure it's not at all against their terms and conditions, if you do some intelligent changes. I hope google just steals your concept and this shitty business goes bankrupt.
    An angry person
  • Google, which is a business looking to maximize their profit like any business, increased their API prices, do you think they will jut offer its usage to them for free? You're quite naive for thinking the opposite.

    I don't know what do you mean by "implementing the API key silently " but if you think about the idea of letting users providing their own key then it's illegal yes, and Google will quickly detect multiple key usage from one website. This is a good way to kill the website.

    Google doesn't need to buy Geoguessr neither make a clone. They already own it. Indirectly, with API prices 14x more expensive. They get money without having to make efforts creating a game.
  • Please consider funding Geoguessr through Patreon, there's lots of users that would be happy to donate if they knew the real reason why Geoguessr has had to drop Streetview and limit its usability. I originally came here to complain that Geoguessr is ruined because the developers were being greedy but after reading what prompted the changes I'm completely understanding.
  • Just found this site, tried one and.... need to pay. After 1 try? No one will get attraction after just 1 try, give more free tries at least in different categories. You lost me, cause I never pay without trying well.
  • Sad to see this once-fun game die because of Google. Hopefully one day there will be a way to bring it back from the grave.
  • It's not really dead tho, because there are people willing to pay for the fun game to play 😀 But I understand that it's sad to see once a free game go behind pay-wall;
  • 1 year after and still this bs?
  • still dead game
    Geoguesser team can eat my entire ass
  • Rather than a fixed number of games per day for the free tier, a token system would allow casual players to have occasional sessions with more than one game.

    1 map per day isn't enough to really hook someone, especially a new player. And it isn't satisfying for a casual player that only plays once every few days or weeks.

    N maps per day runs the risk of not being scalable if a lot of people play N games every day.

    Instead, start each free account with N tokens. Each map played uses a token. The tokens respawn at 1 per day (to a max of N tokens). This way players can play a more rewarding session of a few games as long as it is only once every few days. Or they could play a free game per day as they do now. They are in control of the session length vs. frequency tradeoff.

    N=5? Or 10? Or 7, so they can play a decent session once a week?
  • What a joke, you can't even make the PayPal work, you and your 7 billion cookies and trackers that my browser disables.

  • Funny how PayPal works perfectly fine for me, and I have no problem with any cookies or trackers; Must be a you problem 😀
  • so i came back to if this game got any better and nope, same trashy paid method, just use the alternatives, i rather play with the worse maps than use Google API let people play for free (and unlimited god damn it)
    Dead game
  • RIP
  • Ok it costs now, but why should you add this "jokes like "free version 2d.. and "oops something unexpected happened "after 1 free game, that just is disrespect which made me not to buy pro version , which must be called just "version and free game just demo version
    Tetis Pinkman
  • less and less functionality for non premium. RIP
  • Nothing has changed! It is super sad how you lie to your community!
  • I have lost brain cells reading this thread lol
  • This game should be free.  Nobody who is smart will pay for it. Shame on the creators for ruining it for so many people.
    Taylor Swift
  • Nobody who is smart complains about it costing... Because actual smart people understand that the reason it's not free is because Google raised API prices... Stop blaming the creators for it, because they had no choice. There are many smart people who are ready to pay for this, because it's a good game 😀

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