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Regarding subscription prices

Hey I love watching geoguessr but the subscription price is too high. Is there any way of having a seperate plan for countries such as India where 3 dollar is a lot of money to spend. We have a good community growing here of geoguessr and reducing the prices will help attract a lot of people.
Thank you

Sagar Tomar


  • Hi Sagar,

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Hopefully in the future we can add INR as an option as well on the site.

  • I fully agree with this post. I loved to play Geoguesser so much and it was almost the only way for me to travel around my own country. Some games in russian roubles have the same priсe as Geoguesser's monthly subscription... So sad, I don't play anymore (except one 5-minutes free game), just can't afford myself.
    Ekaterina Kaplenko

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