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Regarding Recent Changes

When I first found this game a few years ago, I was in love. The game is challenging and rewarding, and it combines my love for culture and travel in the best way possible. However, I stopped playing a few months ago, as life was pretty hectic and I didn't really have a lot of free time.

Recently, I revisited the game and was astounded by the amount of ads. I was also a little peeved that I couldn't turn off my ad-blocker, but I understood that you were a small company and were just trying to make money. Since I cared - and still care - about your game, I relented and turned it off so that I could play. It was very annoying to have to sit through an ad every round, but again, I enjoy the game and appreciate the work you guys put into it, so I put up with it.

I had some free time today and remembered your site, so I pulled it up, only to find that I can now only play one game a day. This, for me, is the final straw.

Yes, money is necessary to run a site. Money is necessary for paying employees and running servers. But it hurts to see a game go from something that clearly came from a passionate idea turn into just another way to make money. Geoguessr is no longer a fun game for me to play in my spare time; it is turning into a "freemium" with little to no enjoyment.

I really, really hope you guys see this and respond. More importantly, I hope you take the community's feedback seriously and try to implement change, instead of not actually doing anything, or ignoring it altogether. I genuinely enjoy this game and I don't want to see it become what so many other free-to-play games already are.


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