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Really? A mud bog rally in Belarus?

How the hell was I supposed to figure that out? I just signed up for a pro membership, but I'm seriously thinking about canceling before the ten day trial ends. Why would you use a destination so obscure that someone can't possibly find? And in some of the other maps I've tried, the street signs, town signs, etc. are all blurred. I thought that went away with a PAID subscription... Please help me understand why I should pay you for such frustration. The world sucks enough right now! Thanks in advance for your reply. Heck, you got me to the altar; Please don't make me walk out on the wedding!


  • Are you playing the correct map? If you play the free trial map then it will obviously stay the same quality. You need to look for other maps on the website. Check the official maps or the editor choices category.
  • Hi Don,

    Sorry to hear that, we have all sorts of maps and some players seem to enjoy the really obscure locations..

    There's a bunch of maps you should try out before canceling, here's a popular one that mapper made,

    And here are some more that we recommend

    Regarding the road signs/car plates, faces etc.. It's google that is blurring them and it's the same if you have a subscription or not.



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