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Random scoring doesn't work

Hello team,

Firstly, I love your work, the website is highly entertaining and educative (and addictive!) Definitely an A+ website!

But sometimes in Beta it records a zero score despite it recording a distance. Here is the URL:

As you can see, round 1 and 5 are "nil points."

I'm using IE, playing 1 minute games.

Also, I love the new challenge of the countries you've recently added - Botswana and Colombia didn't previously appear but now do. Would you give thought to publishing percentage likelihoods of different countries appearing? Or is there a third party blog that does so? And have you thought of randomly assigning countries on the apportionment of its road network on Street View?

Looking forward to your continued updates - good luck in monetising it without destroying the "free" nature of the Google Street View images you're using.


Luke from Bendigo Report inappropriate content


  • Hi Luke

    Thank you for trying the beta and great to hear that you enjoy. It definitely seems to be something wrong with the scoring in the link you provided, we'll have a look and hopefully have a fix out soon.

    Kind regards

  • I had what may be the similar problem. Here is a link to the session I had - I was playing the current main version and was using a 3 minute timer. I guessed before the end of the time and was in the right county just a couple hundred km off, and was awarded zero points.

    In this case I had selected a location but did not click the Make a Guess button before time expired, as I was looking around the map to see if I could improve my guess. My selected location was recorded, and I would usually expect the same points whether I click the Guess button or let time expire.

    Here is the link:

  • Hey. Thanks so much. We'll have a look. An extra gold star for the challenge link. It helps us identify your game and thus identify what the problem might be.

    Keep the great feedback coming!

  • I had the same issue, here is the link:

    I was using Google Chrome, with time limit set to 2 minutes. By the way, when I've hit "play the same map", the configuration about time limit disappeared.

  • Hi Nico

    Thank you for providing us with your link as well! Also, nice catch about the time limit disappearing on the "play the same map" functionality, we'll have a discussion on how this should work and resolve it.

    Kind regards

  • Same deal here: 0 points recorded when a pin had been dropped but time expired

    And I've also encountered the glitch/error where "play the same map" doesn't carry over the timer. Which is no problem, I can just go back to the home page bookmark, but it's sad when the starting location looks so interesting but I can't use it because I want the timer in my challenge...

    I play the game every day...

  • Hi Scott,

    Thanks for reporting, we're on it - hopefully it's working soon.
    Stay tuned for updates and thanks again for playing!



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