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Random person joined my challenge


I started a challenge for me and my colleagues. I sent them the link. A random person not belonging to our company completed the challenge and is visible in the leaderboard. How could they join the challenge without anyone sharing the link with them?


  • They can find it by looking at the latest played games of the map, since they show a "join challenge" button when the played game is a challenge. Since only 4 games appear the player probably checked the map right after you or one of your colleague played the challenge and decided to play it as well. There is no way to hide a challenge (except by playing the map again quickly to push it outside of the 4 latest played games).
  • This is still an annoying issue. What can I do to keep those random people out of my challenges?
  • Hi, there's now a setting when you create a challenge that will lock down the league once it's started so no one can join it.

    hope that helps,

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