Quiz Location Export

I'd like to be able to export locations from the quiz editor.

My use case: I made a few quizzes that make you guess where you are. I'd like to export some select locations and make a sort of 'greatest hits' quiz from them.

I know that it might be a bit of an ask, because not all questions are related to locations. Even adding the "open in street view" button that the Custom Singleplayer game editor has would be great, then I could copy the name of the location in Google Maps into the new quiz.


  • Hiya!

    Thanks for the suggestion, I have relayed it on to the gang. Most likely it is not something we will prioritize now since we have that function in the Map Maker however.
  • Right, it's just a bit of a pain to move a location from one quiz to another. If it's in a different county, then I have to google nearby places that have a name that I can actually type (e.g. if in a non roman alphabet), and then trace my way back to the location and click on it, then copy the name and paste it into the new quiz window. The "open in street view" method is a lot easier, because then you just have to copy the view name after you've opened it :^) I just can't do that unless I look up all of the places in the Map Maker first and use that functionality instead.

    I guess that's the workaround for now.

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