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Quick Suggestions

After completing a game, have a button to "Go to the map".  This would be good on challenges, as there's no real way to see what map you were playing (challenges could also use a "Like Map" button after the game).

Generally, the updates to the search function seem to be good, though it would be great if the results could endlessly scroll. If this is not possible, at least adding a "back" button would be nice, since you can only go forwards in map results, not backwards. Further, the order of search results seems to have changed, as they're not sorted by plays or likes. Unsure if this was intentional. Pluralization is also still an issue. See: "dam" vs "dams"

Thanks 😀


  • Hi Cyndi,

    Thanks for the suggestion, I see your point, if you get invite to a challenge you don't even know what map it is I guess.. I'll have a look if we can do anything about that!

    Regarding the search, I felt it improved some with the latest update but it could definitely be improved even more, it's in our backlog.


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