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question regarding challenge friend to play

Does friend that i challenge need to have paid subscription to play more than 1 game per day? I am teacher in school (have paid sub) so i would like to play with my students.
I tried with one of them and he could play several games per day when i challenge him. when student without sub want to play solo game, he can play 1 per day but when he is challenged he can play more than 1 per day right?
vedran šikić


  • Yes they can join any challenge you create without a pro account.
  • Thanks.

    So, unlimited number of challenges per day for non paid user?

    And  also, is there a limit in number of non paid users per challenge? I need cca 10 non  paid users per challenge.
    vedran šikić
  • There is technically a limit of how much games can be created to avoid abusive usage but it's quite high, so it is virtually unlimited. There is no restriction for joining challenges.

    There is no player limit per challenge, I've seen challenges with 10,000+ participants so you're fine.
  • ok,thanks for info

    one more question, to see my students results in challenge, i need to play it also?
    vedran šikić
  • You can try replacing challenge by results in the URL but I'm not sure it is possible to see results without playing anymore (it was a way to cheat). If not then just make bad guesses on purpose to not interfere with the leaderboard to access it.

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