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query about best known scores

hi friends

not content with just scoring a nominally perfect 25000 most of the time
lately i have been trying for actual perfection
or 0 meters off target

& then after achieving an error of zero meters on several occasions
i have still been trying to get a total combined error of 0 meters
on all 5 maps in any given series

as my best total error is now down to 31 meters
i am just wondering if anyone else has reported playing the game this way & has reported a better total error than this yet

with great thanks for all the fun
& best regards
aletheia kallos
aletheia kallos


  • Hi,

    Impressive! I think you should ask that over here they have all sorts of different challenges going on.

    Good luck on 0 meters!
  • Trying to get 0m is almost impossible and only based on luck. The reason is Google Maps not being accurate enough: most roads are usually a few meters away from the GPS data provided by the Google cars. Some roads can be as far as 40m from actual position, and above will just end with Street View pictures being removed. So it is virtually impossible to pinpoint up to 0 and being lucky enough to randomly guess near enough s the only way.
  • thanks for these replies

    if it is all just dumb luck
    then how come all my zeroes
    half a dozen or more
    were accomplished only with extreme care at exceedly high zoom levels
  • Half a dozen for how many total played rounds? If you played tens of games already then it's kinda luck-based indeed. I did have many 0m too so it is not impossible, just not that common. So getting 5 in a row is really hard.

    Also do you use Google Maps to pinpoint? It will be easier this way, obviously, and you can play single-player games like you want so it is not considered cheating. I personally never use Google though, it makes things too easy.

    It's a bit easier now though, as the game doesn't display the centimeters anymore since the latest update. Before you ended up with distances like 0.2m and getting 0.0m was really extremely rare.

    Still interesting to try this objective, let us know if you manage to do it.
  • had no zeros for about a year
    & all have come recently
    but zooming out from the start position for better synching with google maps

    this last point seems to have made a big difference

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