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Publish/Save not working as expected

I remember time ago asking about this feature, been able to Save maps, without them been published. Here
And while it was added, it never worked as intended (Expected)
One of the main reasons I can think of, for using this feature, is for example if I'm working in a big map that will have, let's say 1000 locations or over (or 200 or 2500, or whatever) and I can't do all that in one day, I would like still the day I think the map is done to Save & Publish it, and the map to show on the "New Maps"
Sadly this is not happening, the map will still get sorted on the "New maps" list, on the timestamp it was first saved, independent if it was published or not.
If this something that is been watched to fix? Hope it is, but just in case, that's why I'm posting again.
Thanks a lot.


  • +1.

    This is a big issue for map makers currently.
  • Hi,

    Yeah I've noticed some people have reported this, I'll have a look if I could add another "first-published-timestamp" maybe that could be used instead.

    Thanks for the suggestion,
  • That would be great. Thanks Mikael. Would for sure encourage me in working on maps with more than just 5 location, so when I'm ready to publish the big maps they get more attention.
  • Hi,
    We've added an updated-timestamp to the maps, so it should show up in the new maps listing again when you do any changes. (There's still some caching mechanisms in place so could take ~5mins for it to show up).

    have a great day!

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