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Provide the exact date for recent activities on the "Activities" pages

The site uses phrases like "2 weeks ago" or "5 days ago" as opposed to the precise date for "recent" activities (looks like anything beyond a month). While I don't really mind that it shows that by default, if you guys think it's friendlier, it would be nice if the "title" attribute of that element, or even a comment tag, could contain the actual date upon viewing source/inspecting the DOM, for those of us who want the actual date of a given activity. (Using the title tag specifically would have the advantage of letting anyone hover their cursor over the "days ago" or "weeks ago" text and have their browser show the actual date in a tooltip, usually.) As it is, I'm going to have to wait a couple of weeks before the site will show me the exact date I played a particular game (which is why I found myself checking that page tonight)...
Joseph Spiros


  • Hi Joseph,

    Thanks for the feedback, that sounds like a resonable solution, I'll add it to our backlog!

  • Sorry to bump, but I'm still wishing you guys had this. As a web developer myself, it doesn't seem like it should take more a couple of minutes to add something like this, so I don't feel too bad nagging you. :-)

    To clarify why I want this, I like to keep notes of some of the games that I play, and particularly record locations I find myself transported to that I'd like to remember (maybe even someday visit those places in person), and I like to specify the date that I encountered those locations in-game. Sometimes, though, I don't have time to add the information to my list/database, and enough days pass that I forget what day I played a particular game, though I usually do bookmark the results page so I do have the URL of the game results (and while sometimes I can grab the date by looking at the date I last visited that URL in my bookmarks, I've sometimes accidentally visited the page again later, which makes finding the date that way impossible). As it currently stands, I often have to wait more than five weeks, and then go back and hover over every link in my activity log and compare game identifiers until I find the one I'm looking for. And, given that I sometimes play a lot of games in a short period of time, that can be more than a bit tedious.
    Joseph Spiros
  • Hi again,

    Sorry that it took so long to get back on this, but has now been addressed. On all places where relative dates are printed ("2 weeks ago", etc.) you can now hover on the text to get the exact timestamp.


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