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Profile picture diappeared or removed?

For the second time now, my profile picture disappeared without any explanation and I am not able to change my profile picture at all anymore. I came to the conclusion that the picture was removed and now I am questioning why. It was a photo with a flag in it, but not just the flag. The flag is the official flag of a regular country, so it does not convey religious or political messages. There are so many profiles that have just flags or coats of arms of countries as a profile picture, which does not seem to be problematic (e.g. many US flags, German or Serbian flags etc.). So why was particularly my profile picture removed? I read the terms and there it says only that pictures that "[...] can be considered offensive or that are portraying trademarked or copyrighted materials, brands or brand images of any third party, advertising, marketing or promotional material, political or religious figures, statements or symbols, weapons, alcohol, tobacco or drugs, nude or semi-nude people of any age." are problematic. So no ban of pictures including flags in general.


  • Hi Gabriel,

    Its not due to any Terms. Its a glitch and we are working on it 👍
  • I am glad to hear that, thank you for your answer!


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