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Problems in border Washington DC/Maryland

Hi! I'm playing country streak game at US State Streak and when I've reached number 55, I've scored Maryland. You've an error in the border with the District of Columbia, I've been noted as incorrect.
There's a mistake at the border. I've scored correctly and the game has taken it away from me after 54 hits.
    I want you to correct the mistake and I will continue with the US Streak. I am attaching a screenshot, as well as my user and game ID in private. Thanks.
Adrián Ariso


  • Hi,

    I sorted it for you so you can continue!

    In case of further issues you can send an email to and I can help you.

  • I agree... Can you just drop the spots on the DC/Maryland border?  There's the one on the Suitland Parkway, one by the National Capitol Hebrew Cemetery, and one by the Capitol Heights Metro.  There might be a couple more but I get those three fairly regularly and they're all technically right on the Maryland side of the line, but listed as DC.
  • We are working on these border locations.
    In the meantime I can revive the streaks but in order for me to do that I would need the Game-ID (can be found under Activities).

  • Exactly the same thing in the same place just happened to me. It also happened at College Park a couple weeks ago. Washington DC locations should just be excluded.

  • Hi Dach,

    Can you send the Game-ID to and I can revive it.


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