Problem with rounds

Hello, I play the free map of  GeoGuessr with my friend, and we have been dealing with a problem which is ruining our experience. So, the issue is that between rounds the places remain the same, and then you have to guess the place because you don't know where this place is. I wish I could explain that better but I cannot really. Sometimes we have the same map for 3 or 4 rounds and the end result is that we quit. It is just not fun as it defeats the purpose of the game. We give up and we don't use our brains but we test our luck. Could you please let us know of any feasible solutions that might solve the problem, or if there is nothing we can do because it is an error by the game that is not going to be fixed any time soon? Thanks again


  • Same problem over here. The maps repeat or are not the same for the two players. It is a shame, as geoguessr used to be one of our favorite games to play.
    Urs Keller
  • Challenges on free map don't work. They try to load invalid locations. If you can make a challenge this means you have a pro account and you should use regular maps instead to share challenges with you friend. Non pro users can play any challenge for free.

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