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Hello! I have a problem with account verification by email - i don't receive messages from GeoGuessr. So i can't logging in cause i don't have my password and i can't change it. I am using Yahoo mail, is that a problem?
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  • Apparently Yahoo thinks Geoguessr is a spam. I think it's because the website sent too much email once (it was a glitch) and Yahoo took that as a spam attack. The devs may have to contact Yahoo to fix this.

    Try to check spam folder if you have one. Maybe it's in.
  • Hello. I have a problem with email verification-i dont receive any message with password but i've already got pro subscribtion. My email is yahoo, i heard that you have problems with it. Can i change my email to gmail?
  • Hi,

    yes we're having issues with yahoo/aol-addresses, unfortunately I don't know when it will be fixed, we've been in contact with yahoo and they can't tell us why we're getting blocked more than is regarded as malicious.

    If you can't access your accounts, send me an email and we'll sort it out.

    If you have access, you can change your email if you go to /me/settings


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