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Problem map-maker/troll

I've notice there's a pretty prolific map-maker who uses intentionally misleading titles for each map he/she makes.  I know in the scheme of things, this doesn't seem like a big deal, but it's frustrating for players who are looking for a fun map to get something completely different than what's described.  

For instance, yesterday, he/she posted a map called "BEST OF AMERICA" and described it as such: "The most amazing, fascinating and mind-blowing maps of America! These took me over 2 days to put together, please enjoy and click the like button, thank you in advance!" - only to be 5 locations in a shopping mall in Medina, Saudi Arabia.

He/she does this EVERY SINGLE TIME. And it's pretty obviously a troll game for them - the user name changes frequently. Today, it's "Jar of Pickles" - tomorrow, who knows?  Link:

There needs to be a way to discourage this.  A star rating system for maps?  There's a "report" link, but what happens with that?  

Your game is tons of fun, but things like this will turn new people away if they know that trolls can do this with impunity.


  • Hi Ray

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention! There seems to be an unusual high report rate for maps created by this user, I'll look into it and see which actions we need to take!

    We overall got a great user base and these kinds of situations are fortunately very rare. However, one possible solution to this would be to automatically unpublish maps that have gotten a certain number of reports until we can look into it and either remove it or approve it.

  • Thanks for the quick response Anton.  I think that the thing that bugs me about this situation is not that he/she creates super difficult maps - it's that the description is super misleading.  I don't know how to avoid that.
  • Alright, yeah I see your point! A star rating system similar to what we have on locations sounds like it would be very useful (as you said) to give an indication of what others think of the maps. We've had discussions about adding some sort of comment functionality, which also could be useful to "inform" other users, but I think it'll still be a while before this is added!

  • When you see maps with bait names like that, you can just see the latest scores and click on the results to see if it's indeed a good map or just some shit like this user loves to make.

    Also many of his maps are obvious: like terrorist related stuff (not a lot of photospheres are being made under ISIS domination) or places like Guantanamo that has no coverage at all (not even a single photosphere).

    I agree about the rating system. This is where it will be the most useful (because I don't see the point of having a rating system for custom map locations, as map creators can't see the results).
  • Dude is back.  Seriously, a ranking system for individual maps would be perfect.  If someone posts a game with a misleading title, it gets lower votes.
  • Hi, we're working on a rating system for user maps that hopefully will help us expose "good" maps in a better way. Stay tuned!

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