Problem creating a new map

Hello, I am triying to make a new map, with specific locations, but when I enter the coordinates it dosen't go to the location, it don't do anything, just automatically erase the coordinate.
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  • Hi,

    Could you elaborate on bit more on the exact steps you take to reproduce the issue?

  • So basically I am creating a map with some specific locations, so, I go to Google Maps, find the coordinates, and place in Geoguess Mapmaker.

    But when I press enter to go to the location, nothing happens:

    I had try using different ways of writing the coordinates but got the same, I had try different coordinates from other places and from old maps that I have, but got the same result, and I have always done this way,

    I don't know if you need more information, but is basically that.

    There is another thing that, when I go for a location like:

    Happens the same thing

    Only when I press in that London UK:

    That led me to the place

    If you need something more specific just let me know

  • This is only for searching locations by name, not coordinates (though it would be nice to be able to do it). And it won't put a pin automatically as it's not the job of this text box.

    However there is a simpler way to put locations based on coordinates. You may have notice there is an "import CSV file" in the bottom right corner of the page. What you can do is create a new .csv file (it's just plain text so just open a tool like notepad and save the file as a .csv) and paste your coordinates inside. Put one coordinate per line so it will look like this (just put coordinates, nothing else):


    When you're done, save the file and click the import button. Select the file and the pins will be placed on the map. Be sure to check if there is Street View coverage where the pins are otherwise when the map will be played you'll get black screens or errors telling this location does not have coverage anymore.
  • Mapper is right that the search currently doesn't work with coordinates, but is rather meant to be used for finding locations by name. It's in the backlog though!


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