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Probably the worst location I have ever been to on geogussr.

The location is Arnold, Northern Territory, Australia. Which you'd think AUS locations wouldn't be so bad but I was doing my country streak and I was almost at my record so I kept going (desperately) for probably 15-20 minutes on this one road to find ANYTHING. The only readable signs say "floodway" and "P (truck image) 2km".

If I wanted to cheat, I couldn't! I found ONE sign that might have given me any sort of hint but I couldn't read it at all. Included are images of 2 signs, one I know says floodway (the yellow one) because I passed probably 100 of them, and the other one I have absolutely no clue.

Here's the link to the location, exactly where I was first dropped into so you can see and suffer for yourself.,134.4213258,3a,75y,240.46h,74.45t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1skZWecGdp9GhuIsFM0udAlg!2e0!7i3328!8i1664
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  • That's indeed a bad location but for country streaks it's actually a nice one as it is obvious this is in Australia. You'll quickly learn that such blurry pictures are mostly in the USA and Australia and both countries drive on a different side (USA drives right, Australia drives left) and since the signs are on the left side you can only be in Australia. The Australian outback is also easily recognizable.

    I would still report it by rating it one star after making the guess.

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