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PRO Version-Issue with blackouts Partial screen block and total

Firefox 69.0.2 Disabled hardware acceleration. Partial obstruction this time but occasional blackout flickering. Cleared cache. Am a computer tech, can do advanced troubleshooting. Can you advise? Is it a graphics card issue?
Win 10 Home, Intel Core i7-6700 CPU @4.00 /4 cores 8 logical processors 16 Gb RAM | GeForce GTX-745

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  • Does this happens to all games or just this specific round?

    Does this happens to Streetview when visiting Google Maps website?

    Since your screen shows a photosphere, which is a panorama made by an user and not Google, it could just be the photosphere that is completely failed. The Streetview app used to make photospheres is very notorious for its very bad performance, making badly stitched pictures very often and this could be the result of it.

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