Pro subscription on IOS

I bought the pro subscription on the desktop site and I'm signed in on the same account on my IOS app but it says I don't have a pro subscription.
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  • Hi,

    Then I would guess that you are logging in with another account since it is active on this email with Google login.

    If you want me to remove the Google login so you can login with email/password on the app let me know.
  • Thanks for your quick response. It is the same account because they are the same name and level on both.
    Derek Owen
  • That is strange, never heard of a glitch in between the app and the website. Should always be pro on both. Would you mind sending an email to with a video of logging in to the app and I can send this on to the team to look into this. Thanks!
  • Sent the video. I also noted that this is not a big issue because I have discovered that it really does not limit my games like a non pro account. It just says I do not have a pro subscription. Thanks!
    Derek Owen
  • Ah I see. Great thanks for sending that over, I will check this with the team!

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