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Hi! I'd like to ask about pro membership. If I'm gonna buy membership for 1 year on a phone will I also be able to have it on pc? Or maybe they are 2 separate subscriptons?(I'm using facebook account).
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  • (Questions if mobile subscription and pc subscription is the same)
     And I saw a moment ago that  if I'm gonna buy subscription through website it costs 23.88 EU ≈109 PLN and through mobile app costs 165 PLN. If the pc subscription is the same as mobile subscription what will happen if i'm gonna buy subscription in EU? It is caused because of taxes? I will have the same perks if im gonna buy in EU and PL or maybe there are differences?
  • Hi, pro subscription is the same on PC and mobile so get it where it is cheaper as the difference is from the fees applied by payment platforms. Currency won't matter, you can use the one you want.

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