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Pro Leagues: Distinguish Official maps from User created maps

Pro Leagues are great except for setting up legs. While a "duplicate leg X times" feature would be useful, I'm more interested in being able to add the maps I mean to. For example if I type in "world" a number of world maps show up but I can't tell which one is the Official world map. Perhaps putting "world by userX" would be enough to allow users to find the map they want. Official maps wouldn't need the byline.
Chris Heuer


  • Hi Chris,

    Great input, we've just added this to the search page, should put it in the league search as well..

  • The same thing is really bothering me as a new Pro user. I want to use the official maps but can't find them through the Create Pro League setup.
    Arild Sand
  • Any update on when this will be added to league search? Thanks
    Graham D
  • Actually this is shown but who created the official maps? The United States official map is the one I'm most interested in. Thanks
    Graham D

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