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Pro League Start Time Keeps getting bumped back (again)

Hello again. A pro league I created recently keeps starting at later and later times each day. I started a league around January 9th or so with a start time of 2:00 PM EST. However as of now the league doesn't actually start until several minutes later than that. In fact today (January 23rd, 2020) as of 2:15 PM EST, the league STILL has not started yet.

This is pretty annoying as we expect the game to start at the same time each day. I am using the setting where legs have a set length of time to be played (ex. in this case they each last 1 day).

League link:

First reported here:


  • Alright so it finally started by itself around three hours ago, and now it's permanently offset from the original start time.
  • Hi FGGF,

    Sorry about that, we've had some issues with the leagues and are working on making them more stable. I've adjusted the start time for the league so it should be back to how it was when you started it.

    Sorry for the inconvenience!

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