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Pro League Standings

We're having a problem where our Pro-League leaderboard is all jumbled.  Each player shows the correct  points, but the rankings are off. In the attached photo, the second place person has more than the first, the person who should be in sixth is actually in tenth, etc etc.

Any way to fix this glitch?



  • Hi LDT,

    Thanks for reporting this, it was a bug so the total amount of points (all guesses combined) was shown instead of the points earned for won games. (The ranking was correct, it was based on the amount of points earn.)

    This should be fixed now but email me the url to the league if you want me to take a look that everything looks right.

  • I feel like this scoring system is unfair, as the points are scaled according to the amount of players completing a game. This means someone who finished first in a game with lot of players will get way more points than a player that finished first in another game with way less players, giving it a big advantage as first games are usually the most played games of a league.

    Leaderboard based on total earned points may not be perfect but was better as it rewards players that play consistently, and gives the possibility to catch up or even overtake the leader if the latter fails a game.
  • Aright, but is it really unfair that you get more points if it's harder to finish first in a game with more players? Maybe it could be an option to choose to rank on points earned or by total score?

    Side note, the leaderboard was still sorted by points earned before, the score was written out on the page but it didn't sort according to it, that's why it looked like it was wrong.


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