Pro League Notifications issue

For the last 4 to 5 days I have noticed I no longer get notifications of any of the Pro Leagues I play in. It also says on all of them "Awaiting Scoring" on any that completed a round in that time.

I am assuming everyone is having this issue, and most just havent noticed yet, because the numbers in all the leagues I am currently in are notably down right now.


  • Yes, I am experiencing the same issue. I kind assumed that it would resolve itself, but now I am on a new league and no notifications were sent. So I assume my new league will also have this issue.
  • Mildly annoying that Johan answered every recent post BUT this one.
  • I am also experiencing this

  • This is the same for our league. Last week is awaiting scoring for the last two legs, and this week our first leg is also stuck on awaiting scoring.
  • Hello!
    We're aware and been working with the issue - I believe its fixed now 😀

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