Pro League Draw

Hey there!
First of all, thanks for this amazing game! 😃

I've got one question. We are playing a Pro League with a group of friends and in the last leg two players made the same points(24760 points) and distance (15km). They ended in the third and fourth position of that leg.

Apparently kms are rounded up from 10km up and we cannot see the difference in meters between them, but we guess that the player who ended up third in the leg was closer in meters than the fourth one as the third has a bigger total time.

The weird thing is that when assigning points in the general classification it assigned the same amount of points to both players (7 points each) as if both ended up in the fourth position. Is that correct?

That would be strange because if we take this circumstances to the extrems that would mean that in a leg of ten players if one makes 25k for example and all the rest of the players make the same amount of points and kilometers then the first player would get 10 points in the general classification and the others only 1 point.

I guess that if the third player made better distance he should get 8 points beyond that, if two players get the same exact points, distance and time they should both get the number of points equivalent to the best of their positions, not the worst.

I hope I managed to explain myself properly XD

Thanks for your attention!


  • Heyo!

    Glad you like it 🙂 Im checking this further and will get back to you 👍
  • Checked it further, and since they were tied both when it comes to the score and the distance that means that no one gets the Third place, since no one is above the other one. So therefore they both drops down to the 4th place. One could argue perhaps that they got 3rd place instead of 4th place of course.

    So yes in an extreme case of 9/10 players get the exact same score and distance that could mean that there is 1 player with 10 points, and the others 1 point.
  • Hi Filip!
    Ok, I see. Is that something you might consider solving in the near future?

    It's not a common circumstance but I think that giving both players the upper position is much more fair than the current solution. The more we take it to the extremes the more clear how unfair it is.

    I cannot be sure from the outside but it looks like it's something that devs might be able to solve pretty quick and it would be really nice to know that devs care also about "small" issues like. 😀

    Many thanks again for your attention!
  • That is not something we will change up I do not think, since Pro Leagues is not something we are prioritizing at this point.

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