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Pro is expired?

I've been on the 2.99/month subscription for over a year now. Today when I logged in, my account is suddenly not Pro anymore - is there a reason for that?


  • Hi,

    I've sent you an email.

  • I have same(?) problem.
    I chose 'Billed Annual' for the first time.
    The trial period ended and paid from my credit card, then showed familiar 'Go Pro'.
    Glassed Person
  • Hi, sorry about that, I've refreshed your account so it should work now. We'll investigate what happened.

    have a great day
  • Thanks you for your quick care!

    And I verified you are true Geoguessr staff, because I reached here from the Google search...
    I wonder why I can't find any help on the Geoguessr pages.
    Glassed Person

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