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Pro account registered to invalid email address

Hello. I have sent e-mail messages to most of the editors here on this forum, but I'd also see if I can get any response here. I would like to apologise for any inconvenience, but as I've payed for the Pro account for more than a year and love this game so much, I would like to report a problem. My main account (PhafaeL), is not associated with my e-mail account, and another account which username is my own name is registered with it instead. I would like to know if there is any possibility to merge both accounts, or if you could delete the account associated with my e-mail address and associate PhafaeL with it instead. I can prove the account is mine, but not publicly. I'm using 1Password to register all my accounts, but I ended up deleting all saved passwords on my browser, and I have yet to enter all accounts on 1Password. None of my old passwords log into PhafaeL and I believe no valid e-mail address is associated with it.

Thank you in advance for reading my problem and thanks in advance. I love GeoGuessr and don't want to cancel my subscription through my credit card.
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