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If I cancel my pro account does the account delete forever?
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  • Hi Rebecca,

    Cancelling a subscription is different from deleting the account. But yes if you delete the account it cannot be recovered. You can also cancel your subscription under Profile/Edit your profile/Your subscription.

  • Hi
    If I am following this process does it mean that my credit card will not be charged anymore?
    Thank you
  • Hi Sandrine,

    Correct! If you are unsure send me an email to with what email you signed up with (could not find an account on this one) and I can doublecheck.

  • How long does it take for Geoguesser Pro to activate?

    i have bought it a hour ago and im just curious
    Matthew Kurz
  • Hi Matthew,

    It looks like the subscription is active for you.

    Send me an email to in case you need further help!
  • I have just bought the pro subscription through Paypal. The payment has already gone out of my account but after logging out and back in my account still says I don't have a subcription. Can you help, how long should it take before it registered that I've paid?
  • because I don't have a card, is there any other way to buy 1 month pro sub without using the card?
  • Hi Mieke,

    Sorry about that. PayPal have been have some delays recently.

    I have activated the subscription for you.

    Nurdyn: We do not offer the monthly option with PayPal. The alternative is via the iOS or Android-app where you can purchase the subscription.
  • Hi, i have the same issue with PayPal delay and no subscription showing after paying. Can you help activating the account ?

    Best regards
    Tord Andre
  • Hi Tord,

    I have activated the subscription for you. Sorry about that!

  • I'm currently in the 10 day trial period for a pro annual account, but I want to change it to a monthly account.  Is there a way for me to do that?
    Dennis Wang
  • Hi!
    I paid for a pro subscription and chose the option "bill annually". I received a confirmation that I had joined Geoguessr Pro on 4/27/2021, but suddenly my account expired on 5/17/2021. Can I have my account reinstated because I made the necessary payment of $23.88 for a pro account but now have no access to it?
    Kyle Jaconetta
  • Hi i have paid for a pro account but whenever i go to play, it says i dont have a pro account and i can only play one game a day. ive checked with all my other emails and none work. we paid it a month ago and it worked then but not anymore.
    rosie wildy
  • Love your game. Had been playing for free on two devices. One of our devices (iPad), that we have used Geo coins to purchase several maps, stopped working. I don’t think we ever connected it to an email. On another device (iPhone), we had created an actual account and we were able to purchase three maps. Just purchased the pro account and tried to sync the two devices together. However, when I go into the app on the iPad, it only shows classic: the world. How do you get more maps on the pro plan? Or how do you synchronize the maps?
  • I try the Geoguessr pro trial and then I cancel it and it keeps saying that I will keep the benefits until a certain date, when it was time, I still have the pro. Will it charge my card if this continues?
  • i am trying to buy pro but i am from great britan and im trying to buy it in pounds how do i do that
  • If I create a map with Pro Membership, can normal users (GeoGuessr Account) play with it?

  • Não Consigo comprar o Geogueers. 
    Já tentei várias vezes e retorna como cartão recusado.
    Raphael Leão de Barcellos
  • Heyooo all!

    Dennis: Absolutely, send me an email to and I can help you.

    Kyle: I can see that this payment was disputed and refunded.

    Rosie: I can see that the subscription is active on the email.

    Gegu: I can see that the subscription was cancelled.

    Lewis: We do offer GBP as a currency. If you are having any issues you can sign up via the Mobile App or send an email to and I can help you.

    Rhonda: We have removed the previous app. So if you have made bought maps or coins you can get it refunded here - In case of any issues with that, send me an email to and we will look into an alternative solution.

    András: Yes everyone can play the maps that have been created.

    Raphael: Most likely its the Bank that rejects the payment to Sweden. So you can reach out to them to find out the reason. The alternative is to sign up via the Mobile App instead (you can use the subscription on the web and mobile).

  • Я приобрёл подписку pro с телефона, но после этого подписка не появилась. В плей маркете в подписках написано, что необходимо подтвердить подписку (до 18 августа), открыв приложение, но после открытия ничего не происходит. Можно отменить подписку с возвратом средств, чтобы заново её приобрести?
  • Hi,

    Can you send an email to and I will help you further. Thanks!
  • I bought geogeusser pro and it says it has gone through, but I still can only play one round each day and it says I'm still on a non-pro account.
  • Hi Cooper,

    Im not able to find an account on this email.

    Could you send an email to and I can help you further.

  • I bought geogeusser pro and it says it has gone through, but I still can only play one round each day and it says I'm still on a non-pro account. Sorry about the other comment I made, I used the wrong email.
  • Thanks for that.

    I answered the email as well, so it should be all good now. 🙂
  • Отменил пробную подписку, но с меня списали средства за год, но я не пользуюсь больше игрой. прошу вернуть средства
  • Hi, I want to cancel my premium subscription and return 2.99 EUR, I didn't want to activate it. Here is the link to the profile
    I hope you'll give me a hand

  • Hi,

    I answered in the other thread.

  • Hi, I just bought GeoGuessr Pro like 10 minutes ago and money has been withdrawn from my PayPal account, but I still do not have the subscription. How much longer will it take?
    Anne-Sarah Sloots
  • Hi Anne-Sarah,

    Sorry about that, I have activated it from my end now. 🙂


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