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Private Messaging?

I think the GeoGuessr site needs a means for people to communicate between themselves and it lacks it. Some kind of a simple private messaging system/option would be really useful in many ways for the game. Right now, people must use other means like discords, reddit, etc. to even communicate in this game. It's like a multiplayer game but you can't communicate with other people on it. This would be really useful for this game. I also wanted to suggest the "About" field on the profile page where people can write something about themselves, but I've seen it's already been suggested.


  • I totally agree. I feel like this would be a very welcoming community... at least compared to other online gaming communities. There should be an option to disable chat of course... or maybe you should only be able to chat if you're friends. But there should be some way. Or at least a few quick chat options. I'd like to be able give my opponent a "gg" at least, cause there's a lot of games I really enjoy.

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