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Private leagues

I created a League for my colleagues but random people keep joining our games. We only shared the link without our company, but other players keep joining, even when the league is already running. Can you give the league admin rights to kick out players or make leagues not findable without the link. This is really annoying. Same with just normal challenges, how do people randomly join them anyway?


  • We are having the same problem..
  • Agree. It is annoying and ruins my leagues
  • Brand new user and also interested in how to create private leagues. Thanks
    Graham D
  • Same. I think people can see it by looking at recent plays for a given map. Give us private leagues!
  • Hi,

    Sorry for the delay, I've updated the leagues to only allow users to join before the first challenge has started. (I'll change that to a setting soon as possible)

  • Sounds great. Thank you very much
    Andreas Jakobsen
  • Errr, this seemed to work once, but now it's gone back to allow random people (who don't follow our house rules) to play in our league. Please fix this (again).
  • Hi Henry,

    Did you use the new setting "SHOULD THE LEAGUE BE PRIVATE?" then it shouldn't be possible to join after it have started. Could you post the id to the challenge and I'll have a look?

  • Ah, I probably missed the setting. I'll make sure I set it on the next one, and I'll let you know if we still see the problem.

    What would be really great is to have a "template" league: so that I can change these settings once and then all new leagues default to it. Likewise for map choice on all the legs, it takes a while to set up.
  • If you created the league before the setting was implemented, then it is public by default (all leagues became private at some point but people didn't necessary want to have them privates so they went public again by default).
  • How many friends can join in private league

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